Pronunciation of Help
/hˈɛlp/, /hˈɛlp/, /h_ˈɛ_l_p/

Antonyms for help:

encumbrance, hurt, handicap, stop, worsen, injury, obstruct, block, obstruction, injure.

Synonyms for help:

Sense 1

impairment, energizing, favor with, ply with, benignant, Massacrer, clincher, cataclysmic, press on, excruciate, Extinguishment, confer, perk up, hand back, hand in, auspice, get behind, spoon-feed, restitute, cataclysmal, ill-use, carry through, collaborate, contributory, Hurtless, REHAB, vantage, straighten out, personnel, tamper, slaughterous, toxicant, destruct, hand on, Detainment, give of, pass on, Triturate, Roborant, abettor, reinvigorating, reinvigorate, Mephitical, wrack, get through, revitalize, good turn, traumatize, shiner, oblige, patronage, allocate, pestilent, aegis, baneful, ally, funding, pileup, part with, obliteration, renewing, deliver up, extermination, reach out to, contuse, badness, reliever, fragmentize, prop up, mishandling, Exhilarant, guide, Disserve, vouchsafe, Empoison, stomp, dispirit, team up with, refurbishment, remember, trump, cure-all, rally around, wrecker, accommodate, give out, bloodbath, Traumatism, mephitic, drip feed, threaten, Coadjutant, disadvantageous, participation, zap, face lift, bane, regimen, pitch in, housekeeper, unhorse, ladle out, capitalization, slaughterer, Catholicon, go to, bloodletting, cede, Exigence, recondition, squash, bankroll, triggerman, bracer, weak point, gum up, crackup, facelifting, bestialize, put out, benefic, Public Assistance, promote, subsidization, murderess, animalize, heartening, catastrophic, carry, ill-treatment, ruination, succorer, louse up, impediment, Patronization, invest with, abetment, bloody-minded, bollix up, abrade, grubstake, Re-present, rive, hot water, see through, hand over, stimulation, get past, vandalize, immobilize, slayer, re-create, intoxicating, hog-tie, black eye, ancillary, unadvantageous, Unoffensive, annihilation, head start, brutalize, subvention, decimate, Innerving, revampment, pilot.

Sense 4

frailty, recover, regulate, cruel, adjust, reinstate, topple, batter, hobble, fatal, wound, nerve, fault, forward, tragedy, victim, downfall, renew, dangerous, meddle, issue, ruin, devour, fumble, inspiration, leash, serious, crush, purge, trouble, irritate, erase, commit, tumble, defect, spoil, free, bail out, savage, blunder, salvation, dislocate, expedient, rift, soothe, fragment, mischief, keep, fierce, freshen, weakness, misfortune, chain, furbish, attune, stain, stake, pulp, split, breach, demoralize, ruinous, woe, debase, capital.

Sense 5

dispatch, inflame, cheer, confederate, kindness, affliction, hopeful, curse, eat, refuge, infirmity, wall, fateful, animate, ill, angel, conservative, inspire, vicious, bend, negative, cataclysm, hurdle, deadly, mend, treat.

Sense 6

irritation, finish, restore, yield, undo, go far, bug, pick, tie, fret, agreeable, break, wreck, liquidate, end, muddle, shoot, likely.

Sense 7

desolate, save, hang, overwhelm, dash, trash, burn, delivery, transfer, innocent, bloody, strike, dissolve.

Sense 8

severe, grace, traverse, gain, leave.

Sense 9

pass, foul, remove, bar, interest.

Sense 10

sink, off, waste, wash.

Sense 11

consume, set, slip.

Sense 12

deliverance, blow, fix, fail.

Sense 13

bad, cut, good.

Sense 24





helpfulness, backing.




straighten out, make over.






backup, advancement, ministrations, contribution, backscratching, good works, leg up, buddy system.









pitch in

pitch in.






wait on.




press on.


back up, support, stick up for.

Other synonyms and related words:

forward, boost, succour, backing, retainer, profit, promote, save, advantage.

Sense 1 (noun)

help out, get through, nurse, get behind, guide.

Sense 2 (noun)

ally, accomplice, staff, ancillary.

Sense 3 (noun)

nurture, make for, get past, promote.

Sense 4 (noun)

hand over, boost, yield, part with.

Sense 5 (noun)

bug, meliorate, amend, upgrade, ameliorate, improve.

Sense 6 (noun)

enhance, enrich, revitalize.

aid (noun)

endowment, encouragement, agency, sustenance, motivation, attendant, ministration, facilitation, Mothering, service, relief, assistance.

assistance (noun)

cooperation, advice.

assistance, relief (noun)

cooperation, assist, lift, benefit, succor, advice, remedy, aid, cure, use, sustenance, support, helping hand, comfort, hand, avail, service.

assistant (noun)

helper, helpmate, lieutenant.

employee (noun)

helper, helpmate, supporter, ally, auxiliary, servant, adjutant, aide, assistant, deputy, abettor, attendant, worker, subsidiary.

follower (noun)


help (noun)

avail, serve, facilitate, helper, assistance, buddy system, assist, assistant, supporter, help oneself, aid, service, contribution.

maid (noun)

maidservant, handmaiden.

patronage (noun)


relief (noun)

consolation, comfort, alleviation, respite, mercy, assuagement, easement, cure, solace, remedy, mildness, appeasement.

servant (noun)

helping hand, subject, helper, servant, henchman, menial, auxiliary, volunteer, pawn, aide-de-camp, laborer, helpmate, junior, lieutenant, employee, hand, agent, deputy, vassal, assistant, peon, worker, underling, aide, serf, subordinate, flunky, chattel.

servants (noun)

retainer, footman, master, serfdom, lackey, maidservant, mistress, handmaiden, indentured servant, houseboy, valet, manservant, domestic service, Jeeves, cabin boy, page, man, butler, major-domo, wench, amah.

support (noun)


vantage (noun)


aid (verb)

encourage, cooperation, assist, fund, relieve, facilitate, motivate, minister, support, abet, mother, do-well by, benefit, lift, tend, attend, boost, aid, endow, foster, sustain, serve.

aid, assist (verb)

save, boost, uphold, sustain, accommodate, cheer, lend a hand, encourage, see through, bolster, second, stick up for, abet, further, patronize, back, relieve, serve, stimulate, stand by, cooperate, befriend, promote.

assist (verb)

back, avail, uphold, favor, do something about, lend a hand, contribute to, succor.

benefit (verb)

better, advance, do good, further, advantage, contribute, boon.

consumption (verb)


give (verb)

donate, present, devote, bestow, attribute, supply, submit, lend, furnish, expend, ration, render, pledge, assign, award, tender, share, extend, provide, lavish, offer, give, send, consign, impart, pay, dispense, dole, bequeath, allow, shower, allot, disburse, ascribe, deliver, grant.

guarantee (verb)

swear for.

improve (verb)

ameliorate, facilitate, ease, treat, doctor, alleviate, attend, better, meliorate, amend, restore.

join (verb)

side with.

relieve (verb)

assuage, ease, appease, lull, alleviate, console.

serve (verb)


support (verb)

stick up for.

Usage examples for help:

  • What shall I do if you will not help me any more?" - "The Crofton Boys", Harriet Martineau.
  • " I was comin' to help you. - "Betty Zane", Zane Grey.
  • But you- can I help you?" - "The Complete Historical Romances of Georg Ebers", Georg Ebers.

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