Antonyms for heroic:

cowardly, afraid, timid, fearful, shy.

Synonyms for heroic:

Sense 1

awe-inspiring, eminent, gutsy, Fortitudinous, hallowed, admirable, mastodonic, manly, well-regarded, Massy, outstandingly, walloping, outstanding, well-thought-of, praiseworthy, showstopping, inviolable, laudable, respected, ballsy, Gutty, cyclopean, honored, meritorious, Gigantesque, esteemed, Brobdingnagian, godlike, do-or-die, Pythonic, buccaneering, glorious, Bunyanesque, prestigious, enviable, noteworthy, superhuman, Storming, inspired, prestige, manfully, commendable, Lion-hearted.

Sense 2

marvelous, mountainous, tremendous, prodigious, elephantine, immense, monumental, dazzling, vast, titanic, colossal, game, huge, gargantuan, gigantic, fancy, whopping, amazing, mettlesome, enormous.

Sense 3

herculean, stout, spectacular, monstrous, stupendous, hard.

Sense 4

massive, mighty.

Sense 6

monster, O.K..

Other synonyms and related words:

gutsy, rarified, lionhearted, amazing, noble-minded, doughty, prestigious, soldierly, monster, sublime, tremendous, whacking, Gigantesque, Gutty, epical, desperate, vast, mastodonic, honored, esteemed, titanic, larger-than-life, glorious, greathearted, leviathan, Storming, whopping, cosmic, admirable, mammoth, prodigious, homeric, game, dire, Massy, pharaonic, noteworthy, colossal, mettlesome, impressive, inviolable, splendid, Lion-hearted, hallowed, do-or-die, adventurous, giant, marvelous, expansive, heroic meter, praiseworthy, fancy, luxurious, buccaneering, godlike, monstrous, daring, cyclopean, monumental, Undauntable, high-flown, huge, supersized, stupendous, stout, undismayed, prestige, respected, jumbo, manful, Mega, manfully, sumptuous, commendable, astronomical, galactic, super-duper, proud, despairing, grandiose, heroic verse, talkative, Fortitudinous, gargantuan, super, mountainous, chivalric, massive, large, mighty, rarefied, gigantic, deluxe, immense, manly, hard, opulent, elephantine, heroical, superhuman, exalted, Pythonic, magnificent, Brobdingnagian, gilded, dazzling, venturesome, planetary, elevated, lofty, Bunyanesque, walloping, enormous, Vasty, eminent, herculean, idealistic, big, king-size.

brave (adjective)

undismayed, stouthearted, undaunted, confident, fearless, defiant, gallant, Fortitudinous, brave, chivalrous, intrepid, Undauntable, gutsy, bold, plucky, courageous, valorous, soldierly, hardy, valiant, stalwart, unafraid, dauntless.

brave, champion (adjective)

fearless, gutsy, daring, dauntless, noble, doughty, Lion-hearted, stouthearted, undaunted, epic, courageous, intrepid, valiant, grandiose, gallant, unafraid, bold, high-flown, grand, valorous, Gutty, elevated.

courageous (adjective)

fearless, stout, spunky, audacious, Stout-hearted, manly, courageous, brave, valiant, bold, unafraid, intrepid, valorous, plucky.

generous (adjective)


manly (adjective)

manful, Stout-hearted.

noble (adjective)

ladylike, imperial, august, imposing, aristocratic, queen-like, majestic, grand, stately, knightly, princely, patrician, regal, great, dignified, magisterial, kingly, courtly, noble, celebrated, distinguished, lordly, royal, baronial, sovereign.

poetic (adjective)

idyllic, epic, poetic, lyric, pastoral.

superhuman (adjective)


virtuous (adjective)

noble, guiltless, blameless, high-minded, angelical, worthy, righteous, faultless, virtuous, moral, unspotted, uncorrupted, unsullied, good, estimable, respectable, honorable, decent, Taintless, creditable, ethical, pure, upstanding, clean, valorous.

Sense 2 (noun)

gutsy, Fortitudinous, stout, mettlesome, Gutty, game.

Sense 3 (noun)

immense, jumbo, mammoth, huge, herculean, Bunyanesque, Massy, colossal, massive, Brobdingnagian, mountainous, enormous, gigantic, Pythonic, monster, giant, vast, monstrous, elephantine, whopping, gargantuan, prodigious, mighty, Gigantesque, titanic, mastodonic, cyclopean, walloping, stupendous, monumental.

communication (noun)

heroic verse, heroic meter.

heroic (noun)

desperate, heroical, impressive, big, brave, fearless, larger-than-life, bold, grand, epic, courageous, large.

Usage examples for heroic:

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