Antonyms for hitch:

advantage, unhitch.

Synonyms for hitch:

Sense 1

trundle, glitch, difficulty, en route, triviality, teething problems.

Sense 2

consolidate, tootle, sled, journey, mischief, inning, traipse, wall, blip, open-and-shut case, commute.

Sense 3

wrinkle, hiccup, espouse, go along, negotiate.

Sense 4

stint, motor, bout, kink, shuttle.

Sense 5

eat up, truck, cruise, log.

Sense 6


Sense 7


Sense 8


Sense 9

go out, go up.

Sense 10

come down, time, trick.

Sense 13

go down.

Sense 14

come up.

Sense 16


Sense 18


Sense 19


Sense 20







hang up.



Other synonyms and related words:

GOTCHA, contraceptive device, riffle, split, substantiation, onus, kink, circuit, interference, difficulty, occlusive, fetter, bout, hopple, tenure, pinch, bank check, gimp, go, motor, verification, consolidate, block, inning, riff, thumb, enlistment, bother, ride, blockage, plosive, becharm, hobble, catch-22, confirmation, limp, layover, stop consonant, chit, go against, flick, interlink, chip, impediment, arrest, birth control device, intervention, rub, term, spell, captivate, view, tour, wrinkle, joker, cheque, enamor, disturbance, point, conjugate, espouse, curb, jerk, hitchhike, preventative, deterrent, yank, stint, overtake, taking into custody, triviality, enamour, load, see, burden, DO, twitch, cruise, encumbrance, buck, diaphragm, term of enlistment, charge, trick, halt, lacing, take hold of, turn, tour of duty, tear, plosive speech sound, journey, occlusion, overhear, wipe, beguile, yoke, fascinate, get, bewitch, plosive consonant, full point, blip, trance, cover, capture, prophylactic device, grab, preventive, noise, time, full stop, enchant, flip, prophylactic, burn, checkout, watch, tick, roll, baulk, shuttle, duty tour, hiccup, charm, finger, leaf, check mark, hindrance, rent, freeze, bridle, stopover, incumbrance, commute, tab, apprehension, collar, rip, check, contraceptive, stop, shoot, assay, catch up with, balk, handicap, entrance, glitch, traipse.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

glitch, hiccup, teething problems, blip, triviality, bother, wrinkle.

Sense 4 (noun)

shuttle, ride, go down, cover, commute, espouse, come up, cruise.

error (noun)


fastener (noun)

lace, fuse, mediator, catch, coupling, glue, seal, fastening, chain, braid, rivet, tack, lock, knitting, stay, hook, snap, pin, strap, clip, link, buckle, anchor, brad, suture, knot, cement, spike, Vinculum, connector, vise, button, latch, weld, hasp, hinge, cleat, cinch, middleman, band, string, grapnel, hawser, agent, skewer, ligament, twine, binder, cincture, binding, go-between, fastener, zipper, rabbet, thread, clinch, stitch, closure, clamp, staple, nail, brace, cotter, guy, tie, bracket, medium, clasp, belt, mucilage, bonding, bolt, paste.

hindrance (noun)

hang up.

hitch (noun)

hang up, duty tour, stop, thumb, snag, hindrance, check, hitchhike, stay, preventive, incumbrance, term of enlistment, jerk, interference, rub, enlistment, halt, tour, encumbrance, catch, buck, preventative, arrest, stoppage, tour of duty, limp, hobble.

interruption (noun)

hiatus, recess, interval, snag, relief, reprieve, postponement, pause, delay, suspension, interruption, interlude, break, stoppage.

problem, difficulty (noun)

check, interruption, impediment, glitch, hindrance, delay, joker, snag, block, stoppage, catch.

spell (noun)


time period (noun)


tour of duty (noun)

term of enlistment.

attach (verb)

wed, splice, fasten, affix, bond, couple, join, cling, bind, annex, connect, adhere, juxtapose, relate, stick, marry, abut, merge, attach.

contact (verb)


fasten (verb)

zip, weave, tether, lash, knit, sew, baste, plait.

join, fasten (verb)

chain, couple, hook, tie, tether, strap, attach, yoke, connect, lash.

motion (verb)

jerk, buck.

Usage examples for hitch:

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