Pronunciation of Holding
/hˈə͡ʊldɪŋ/, /hˈə‍ʊldɪŋ/, /h_ˈəʊ_l_d_ɪ_ŋ/

Synonyms for holding:

Sense 1

resistance, Occupying, impeding.

Sense 2

biting, permanent.

Other synonyms and related words:

finding, material possession, resistance, guardianship, place, attribute, dimension, impeding, biting, retention, retentiveness, doom, retentive, ownership, permanent, memory, retentivity, safekeeping, Occupying, prop.

retaining (adjective)


act (noun)

keeping, retention.

business (noun)

merchant, employment, calling, enterprise, commerce, consortium, concern, industry, busy work, occupation, service, interest, venture, selling, retailing, exchange, trade, negotiation, establishment, market, proprietorship, labor, corporation, practice, firm, partnership, situation, affair, job, activity, business, assignment, vocation, barter, company, management, commission, career, station, livelihood, specialty, position, transaction, profession, posting.

custody (noun)


holding (noun)

keeping, belongings, retentive, retention, material possession, retaining, property.

land (noun)


monopoly (noun)


occupancy (noun)


ownership (noun)

proprietorship, Having.

possession (noun)

empire, land, possession, realm, effects, territory, acquisition, wealth, worth, kingdom, ownership, property.

property held (noun)

effects, inheritance, farm, land, ownership, possession, estate, assets, belongings, property, goods.

resistance (noun)

impeding, resistance.

believing (verb)

concluding, taking for granted, Supposing, Crediting, Presuming, putting faith in, accepting, Deeming, trusting, believing, judging, professing, Surmising, giving faith, understanding, Declaring, assenting, assuming, gathering, Maintaining, Affirming.

commanding (verb)

coordinating, ruling, mastering, Managing, dominating, swaying, commanding, controlling, directing, governing, Charging, Disciplining, reigning.

containing (verb)

enclosing, accommodating, Containing, Comprising, stowing, Receiving, Including.

enclosing (verb)

encircling, enveloping, impounding, trapping, covering, Caging, confining, Imprisoning, Corralling, encompassing, fencing, surrounding.

gripping (verb)

grasping, Clutching, gripping, keeping, embracing, seizing, Clasping, Adhering, retaining, grappling.

possessing (verb)

Possessing, Owning, Having, Monopolizing, acquiring, Claiming.

retaining (verb)

hindering, preserving, conserving, Preventing, Reserving.

stopping (verb)

freezing, stopping, halting, Pausing, Ceasing, Staying, ending, Terminating.

withdrawing (verb)

withholding, withdrawing, recalling, Suppressing, Recanting, Revoking, Retracting.

Usage examples for holding:

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