Synonyms for homogeneous:

Sense 1

comparably, similarly, another, reminiscent, allied, copycat, imitative, likewise, comparable, like-minded, generic, me-too, corresponding.

Sense 2

virtual, closely, equally, daughter.

Sense 3

compatible, fellow.

Sense 5


Sense 10


Other synonyms and related words:

compatible, kindred, daughter, generic, comparably, corresponding, identical, equivalent, analogous, similar, near, another, homogenized, comparable, homogenous, allied, closely, close, likewise, homogenised, unanimous, similarly, akin.

all (adjective)


continuous (adjective)

constant, unceasing, featureless, level, robot-like, gapless, interminable, persistent, habitual, perpetual, uniform, ceaseless, repeated, coherent, straight, regular, seamless, unbroken, incessant, unchanging, consistent, undying, unchangeable, consecutive, recurrent, monotonous, endless, everlasting, monolithic, steady, un-intermittent, undeviating, unending, connected, even, unvarying, continuous, invariable, indefatigable, unremitting, lasting, cyclical, repetitive, continual, sequential, flat, nonstop, continuing, perennial.

similar (adjective)

solid, same, comparable, uniform, consistent, compatible, alike.

uniform (adjective)

like, steady, undifferentiated, consonant, unbroken, consistent, unvarying, seamless, equable, undiversified, monolithic, undeviating, same, alike, indistinguishable, invariable, assonant, even, regular, comparable, uniform, level.

united (adjective)

unified, simple, unanimous, single, irreducible, pure, cohesive, united, congruent, entire, intact, coincident, solid, congruous, undivided, holistic, monolithic, atomic, integrated, uniform, elemental, same, integral, fundamental, complete, coherent, indivisible.

Sense 1 (noun)

close, near.

homogeneous (noun)

solid, homogenised, homogenous, homogenized, uniform, consistent.

Usage examples for homogeneous:

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