Pronunciation of Hope
/hˈə͡ʊp/, /hˈə‍ʊp/, /h_ˈəʊ_p/

Antonyms for hope:

despair, discouragement, hopelessness.

Synonyms for hope:

objective (adjective)


Sense 1

despond, pine for, belief, ambition, resort, cassandra, Desperateness, upbeat, Cureless, Pollyanna, rose-colored, doomsayer, sanguineness, sanguinity, do with, starry-eyed, despondence, will, stick out for, pipe dream, thirst for, clamor, wish for, look for, Panglossian.

Sense 2

dream, incurable, idealist, desperate, possibility, quixotic, pessimist, irreparable, seem, utopian, roseate, worrywart, despondent, respectfully, idealistic, irremediable, encouragement, despondency, pin on, unrealistic, optimist, despairing.

Sense 3

hopeless, optimistic, future, sanguine, prospect, pray, live for, prayer, rosy.

Sense 4

ideal, mean, pessimistic, dreamer, romantic.

Sense 5

burn, vision, ache, dismal, perhaps, hold out, outlook.

Sense 6

forlorn, gloomy, pardon.

Sense 7


Sense 11




bob hope

Bob Hope.

Sense 1 (noun)

look for.

Sense 2 (noun)

dream, purpose.

Sense 3 (noun)

prayer, belief, vision, future.

Sense 5 (noun)

pardon, perhaps, seem.

desire (noun)

craving, eagerness, thirst, desire, Ardency, yearning, urge, lust, fondness, greed, passion, amorousness, acquisitiveness, covetousness, need, longing, itch, wish, hunger, expectation.

expectation (noun)


hope (noun)

confidence, trust, anticipation, promise, presumption, contemplation, faith, aspiration, Leslie Townes Hope, Bob Hope, sureness, optimism, go for.

hopelessness (noun)


longing; dream (noun)

anticipation, expectancy, sanguineness, confidence, aspiration, promise, belief, pipe dream, prospect, expectation, optimism, wish, ambition, desire, faith, fancy.

person (noun)

Leslie Townes Hope, Bob Hope.

request (noun)


desire (verb)

crave, long, pine, hanker, grasp, fancy, covet, welcome.

emotion (verb)

desire, trust.

hope (verb)

assume, aspire, expect, rely, intend, believe, dream of, trust, want, contemplate, await, anticipate, presume, yearn.

long for, dream about (verb)

assume, await, contemplate, pray, expect, hold, presume, believe, aspire, anticipate, trust, rely.

petition (verb)

seek, claim, compete, petition, apply, bid.

Usage examples for hope:

  • " I hope so," he said. - "The Way of Ambition", Robert Hichens.
  • " I hope he did not give her up," said the doctor. - "Duffels", Edward Eggleston.
  • I hope you've no objection. - "The Hero of Garside School", J. Harwood Panting.

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