Antonyms for hospitality:

inhospitality, hostility.

Synonyms for hospitality:

Sense 1

forgiveness, musical comedy, solicitude, clemency, burlesque, show biz, popular culture, light entertainment, tlc, corporate hospitality, the movies, movieoke, vaudeville, striptease, karaoke, self-sacrifice, air show, tattoo, delicacy, spoof, nightlife, bullfight, kindness, mercy, music hall, cabaret, show business, largesse, romantic comedy, light show, strip show.

Sense 2

comedy, variety, liberality, diplomacy, indulgence, theater, pantomime, discretion, attention, warmth, welcome, bounty.

Sense 3

strip, consideration.

Sense 5


Sense 6




Other synonyms and related words:

cabaret, indulgence, pantomime, bullfight, delicacy, karaoke, strip, burlesque, diplomacy, warmth, kindness, attention, willingness, consideration, cordial reception, tattoo, liberality, striptease, comedy, clemency, bounty, welcome, theater.

Sense 1 (noun)

burlesque, light entertainment, bullfight, light show, comedy, air show, cabaret, karaoke, corporate hospitality.

Sense 2 (noun)

liberality, consideration.

courtesy (noun)

civility, courtesy, politeness, Mannerliness, etiquette, agreeableness, thoughtfulness, respectfulness, gracefulness, considerateness, decorum.

entertainment (noun)


generosity (noun)

magnanimity, bigness, hospitableness, benevolence, philanthropy, goodwill, charity, altruism, Freeness, charitableness, generosity, largess, greatheartedness, greatness, bountifulness, unselfishness.

greeting (noun)


hospitality (noun)

cordial reception.

neighborliness (noun)

consideration, sociability, welcome, geniality, conviviality, heartiness, cordiality, friendliness, generosity, affability, hospitableness, amiability, warmth.

sociability (noun)

congeniality, easygoingness, conviviality, amiability, heartiness, affability, graciousness, neighborliness, vivaciousness, sociability, Courteousness, Chattiness, geniality, cordiality, amicability, gregariousness, gabbiness, folksiness, friendliness, talkativeness, garrulousness, companionability.

Usage examples for hospitality:

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