Synonyms for icon:

Sense 1

golden oldie, the firmament, idol, big-name, sleb, enfant terrible, living legend.

Sense 2

immortal, pantheon, hall of fame.

Sense 3

discovery, public property.

Sense 5


Sense 10


Sense 12




Other synonyms and related words:

delineation, picture show, celeb, movie, flick, film, persona, scene, incorporation, figure, personification, exposure, star, motion picture, Embodier, pantheon, embodiment, impression, mental picture, glyph, sleb, vip, trope, depiction, painting, moving picture, idol, effigy, characterization, objectification, luminary, personage, somebody, word picture, pic, avatar, notoriety, video, prototype, photograph, megastar, figure of speech, instantiation, epitome, picture, ikon, immortal, photo, statue, character, mental image, superstar, STANDOUT, Personifier, paradigm, illustration, characterisation, pictorial matter, celebrity.

Sense 3 (noun)

living legend, sleb, celebrity.

duplicate (noun)

ditto, resemblance, representation, clone, replica, duplicate, parody, imitation, simulacrum, counterfeit, likeness, reproduction, double, image, xerox, facsimile, carbon, copy, model.

icon (noun)

ikon, image.

image (noun)

idol, symbol, ikon, likeness, representation, figure, picture.

indication (noun)

label, denotation, legend, ticket, logotype, pointer, tag, token, notation, prompt, motion, gesticulation, marker, alert, logo, figuration, semaphore, flag, crest, emblem, lighthouse, symbol, key, wave, hint, indication, stamp, banner, guidepost, signpost, badge, sign, brand, signal, insignia, cue, wink, beacon, designation, gesture.

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