Pronunciation of Icy
/ˈa͡ɪsi/, /ˈa‍ɪsi/, /ˈaɪ_s_i/

Antonyms for icy:

unfrozen, demonstrative, red hot, lukewarm, friendly, heated, hot, warm, amicable, unglazed.

Synonyms for icy:

Sense 1

icebound, frore, snowy, icicle, glare ice, indifferent, black ice, boreal, ice over, freeze over, frost over.

Sense 2

frost, chill, frosted, rime.

Sense 7


Sense 8





forbidding, stiff, hard-boiled, Cold-hearted, roughly, antagonistic, icily, haughty, remote, offhand, sourly, rough, impersonal, ill-disposed, sour, antisocial, coolly, uncaring, inimical, severely, misanthropic, stony-faced, disobliging, stonily, standoffish, unsociable, unsmiling, spiteful, hostile, stiffly, unwelcoming, inhospitable, unpleasant, stony, nice, unapproachable.

aloof (adjective)

indifferent, forbidding, stony, hostile, unwelcoming, unfriendly.

cold (adjective)

rimy, bracing, stone-cold, biting, cold, shivery, numbing, ice-like, frozen, wintry, frigid, algid, frosty, bitter, frore, polar, nippy, chilly.

frozen; slippery when frozen (adjective)

frigid, chilly, glacial, cold, bitter, arctic, freezing, raw, polar, frosty, gelid, shivery, biting, rimy, chill.

severe (adjective)

gruff, stringent, draconian, dry, obdurate, brisk, brusque, censorious, dour, basic, tart, ascetic, meticulous, curt, precise, austere, correct, intense, harsh, astringent, stiff-necked, stark, obstinate, fundamental, intolerant, caustic, frosty, strait-laced, severe, critical, blunt, relentless, raw, puritanical, imperial, disciplined, unbending, rigid, uncompromising, exacting, stern, strict, prudish, abrupt, lean, inflexible, keen, acute, cutting, cool, bleak, short, acerbic, authoritarian, sharp, chilly, piquant, rigorous, acrimonious, demanding, grim, spartan, spare, oppressive, hidebound, crisp.

Sense 1 (noun)

ice over, hard, glare ice, frost, black ice, slippery, icicle.

gelid (noun)


icy (noun)

arctic, frosty, wintry, glazed, polar, frigid, shiny, cold, glacial, freezing, frozen, gelid.

unfriendly (noun)

hostile, antagonistic, stony, unpleasant.

Usage examples for icy:

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