Synonyms for immersion:

Sense 1

immerse, dip.

Sense 2

enthrallment, dunk.

Sense 3

prepossession, submerge, soak up.

Sense 4

soak, plop.

Other synonyms and related words:

assimilation, dousing, immerse, denseness, duck hunting, incoming, submergence, prepossession, assiduousness, tightness, entrance, entering, compactness, density, entry, ducking, plop, dunk, preoccupation, absorption, assiduity, submerging, dip, submerge, ingress, enthrallment, preoccupancy, submersion, soak.

Sense 1 (noun)

prepossession, enthrallment.

Sense 4 (noun)

dunk, immerse, plop, dip, soak, submerge, soak up.

attention (noun)

enrapture, observation, regardfulness, consideration, interest, watchfulness, intentness, heedfulness, assiduity, notice, engrossment, care, entrancement, attention, rapture, diligence, alertness, caution, mindfulness, attentiveness, absorption, scrutiny, fascination, concern, concentration.

dip (noun)

bath, soak, ducking.

engrossment (noun)


event (noun)

submergence, submersion, submerging.

heedfulness (noun)

regardfulness, attentiveness.

immersion (noun)

submersion, submerging, prepossession, dousing, preoccupation, submergence, absorption, fascination, ingress, ducking, intentness, engrossment, enthrallment, concentration.

plunge (noun)

dunk, submersion, submergence.

water (noun)

wetness, water, sea, deluge, rain, sprinkle, aqua, lake, moisture, dew, ocean, dilution, irrigation, bath.

Usage examples for immersion:

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