Antonyms for immobilize:

free, unblock, release, unfreeze.

Synonyms for immobilize:

Sense 1

deactivate, weigh down, intercept.

Sense 2

switch off, hold in, flip off, encumber, pinion, paralyze, disable, incapacitate.

Sense 3

disengage, shut down, shut off, pause, cannibalize, cripple, obstruction.

Sense 4

hold-down, weight.

Sense 5

turn off, hold back.

Sense 6


Sense 7

turn out.

Sense 8


Sense 16


Sense 17

put out.

Sense 22



pinion, hamstring.

Other synonyms and related words:

stuff, shut off, freeze down, impede, hamstring, block, block off, suspend, encumber, blank out, retire, obstruct, paralyze, pin down, close up, lug, trap, parry, forget, immobilise, stymie, obturate, intercept, hold, incapacitate, halt, pause, draw a blank, deflect, kibosh, deactivate, entrap, disengage, disable, barricade, choke up, jam, occlude, stop dead, embarrass, trammel, freeze, bar, cripple, pin, blockade, block up, pinion, ensnare.

Sense 2 (noun)

flip off, deactivate, disengage, cannibalize, break.

immobilize (noun)

trap, immobilise, pin, freeze, block.

disable (verb)

pinion, incapacitate, kibosh, cripple, hamstring, paralyze.

stagnate (verb)

stop, rest, stagnate, hibernate, idle, still.

tie (verb)

trammel, obstruct, stop, idle, hold.

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