Antonyms for immorality:

morality, virtue, goodness.

Synonyms for immorality:

Sense 1

misbehavior, cesspool, Diablerie, dereliction of duty, bestiality, misdemeanour, no-no, peccadillo, cardinal sin, Conduct Disorder, enormity, crime, frailty, Peccancy, twilight world, wrongdoing, solecism, flagitiousness, backsliding, deviance, capital offence, violation, misbehaviour.

Sense 2

degenerate, sellout, trespass, nonsense, villainy, heresy, infamy, turpitude.

Sense 3

cheat, deviation, deviltry, breach, gutter.

Sense 4


Sense 5


Sense 6

excess, trouble.



Other synonyms and related words:

crime, offense, deviance, licentiousness, Diablerie, darkness, shabbiness, lousiness, iniquity, turpitude, delinquency, nonsense, breach, injustice, unfairness, transgression, evilness, wrongdoing, misbehaviour, ungodliness, cesspool, solecism, trespass, violation, misdeed, viciousness, enormity, flagitiousness, unrighteousness, misbehavior, nefariousness, Libertinage, repulsiveness, sellout, profligacy, vileness, Libertinism, dark, bestiality, infamy, deviltry, wrong, evil, Peccancy, trouble, villainy, backsliding.

Sense 1 (noun)

enormity, excess.

Sense 3 (noun)

villainy, flagitiousness, bestiality, turpitude.

corruption (noun)

bestiality, profligacy, turpitude, sinfulness, perversion, degeneration, villainousness, infamy, viciousness, impurity, flagitiousness.

crime (noun)

evil, criminality, trespass, wrongdoing, corruption, iniquity, Diablerie, misdeed, wrong, villainy, deviltry, delinquency, enormity, vice, Peccancy, transgression, offense, violation, breach, depravity, wickedness, sin, evildoing.

dishonesty (noun)

deceitfulness, underhandedness, unscrupulousness, craftiness, Improbity, fraudulence, traitorousness, deviousness, chicanery, dishonesty, crookedness, prevarication, treachery, insincerity, hypocrisy.

immorality (noun)

evil, wickedness, iniquity.

impurity (noun)

dirtiness, uncleanliness, blemish, impurity, slovenliness, defectiveness, imperfection.

infamy (noun)


iniquity (noun)


vice (noun)

debasement, iniquitousness, Damnability, obnoxiousness, badness, evildoing, feloniousness, perverseness, blameworthiness, impropriety, debauchery, baseness, criminality, indecency, wickedness, depravity, perversion, corruption, degeneration, sadism, sinisterness, reprehensibleness, sin, sinfulness, vice, villainousness, blackness.

Usage examples for immorality:

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