Pronunciation of Income
/ˈɪnkʌm/, /ˈɪnkʌm/, /ˈɪ_n_k_ʌ_m/

Antonyms for income:

expenditure, outgo.

Synonyms for income:

Sense 1 (noun)

minimum wage, living, performance-related pay, rise, starvation wages.

acquisition (noun)

remuneration, riches, dividend, reward, fortune, wealth, return.

circumstances (noun)

property, capital, Resources, prosperity, net worth.

earnings (noun)

gate, pay, bottom line, lucre, emolument, take, honorarium.

gain (noun)

rise, take, advance.

income (noun)

honorarium, salary, receipts, proceeds, means, bottom line, wage, cash, assets, gross, pay, compensation, net, revenue, earnings, profit.

livelihood (noun)

circumstances, living, subsistence, bread and butter.

lucre (noun)


money (noun)

gross, dollar, bankroll, funds, ingot, money order, check, draft, wherewithal, spending money, note, wallet, treasure, promissory note, bill, swag, coupon, receipts, silver, wampum, moolah, money, bullion, nugget, pocket money, proceeds, iou, cash, coinage, scratch, wad, dough, bond, balance sheet, issue, bank note, greenback, change, petty cash, purse, loot, gold, copper, currency, sterling, lucre, assets, stock, ways and means, pounds.

receipt (noun)

gate, receipt, return, salary, net, endowment, earnings, remuneration, revenue, compensation, wage, credit, dividend.

receipts (noun)

revenue stream, sales.

wealth (noun)

plenty, riches, plenteousness, capital, sufficiency, worth, opulence, affluence, landslide, fortune, asset, estate, prosperity, net worth, possessions, profit, prosperousness, wealth, property.

Sense 1

payday, wage differential, bottom line, payroll, piece rate, reward, paycheck, pay raise, expense, lost income, pay scale, payslip, paystub, fixed-income, honorarium, OTE, minimum wage, living wage, competence, circumstances, bread and butter, living, starvation wages, emolument, performance-related pay, pay envelope, earned income, progress payment, back pay, revenue stream, wage curve, wage-packet.

Sense 2

pay, subsistence, double-dip, acquisition.

Sense 3


Sense 5

rise, scale, advance.

Sense 6


Sense 12


Other synonyms and related words:

living, influx, payroll, acquisition, rise, means, reward, emolument, pay, advance, take, flux, living wage, earned income, scale, minimum wage, honorarium, inpouring, Resources, inflow, inrush, subsistence.

means (verb)


Usage examples for income:

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