Synonyms for information:

Sense 1

nugget, signal-to-noise ratio, entry, the lowdown, affinity, description, factoid, stuff, content, record, general knowledge, self-knowledge, scrap, material, common knowledge, tidbit, practicality, foreknowledge, hearsay, stock, detail, coverage, grounding, publication, padding, titbit, hindsight, point of reference, public property, intricacy, home truths, experience, result, particularity, whisper, gleanings, expertise, propaganda, the last word, consciousness, particular, input, A to Z, discrimination, literacy, traffic, Familiarity, specifics, technicality, breakdown, signal, case, findings, the ins and outs, scoop, emotional intelligence, background, buzz, self-discovery, trivia, sophistication, mastery, score, raw, bearer.

Sense 2

idea, sensitivity, acquaintance, enclosure, overview, explanation, realization.

Sense 5


Sense 8






Other synonyms and related words:

material, gen, discrimination, experience, background, description, cognition, tidbit, entropy, study, development, overview, info, prescience, literacy, tuition, depth, case, hindsight, explanation, reasonableness, recognition, traffic, scoop, reading, whisper, enclosure, thing, gleanings, schooling, self-knowledge, nugget, record, mastery, signal, randomness, stock, word, result, item, propaganda, uncos, score, profundity, sensitivity, awareness, directions, padding, expertise, idea, stuff, tidings, coverage, particularity, consciousness, sophistication, specifics, enlightenment, Familiarity, detail, story, acquaintance, scholarship, particular, grounding, training, content, hearsay, findings, affinity, lore, illumination, selective information, science, publication.

Sense 1 (noun)

findings, A to Z, detail.

Sense 2 (noun)

expertise, Familiarity, awareness, consciousness, lore, experience, sensitivity.

advice (noun)

encouragement, briefing, advice, cue, recommendation, guidance, instruction, monition, suggestion, intelligence, prompt, pointer, hint, caution, tip, advocacy, warning, caveat, direction, clue.

education (noun)

schooling, literacy.

evidence (noun)

establishment, testimony, confirmation, demonstration, substantiation, exemplification, documentation, authentication, declaration, corroboration, specimen, connotation, support, certification, counter-evidence, indication, fact, attestation, illustration, deposition, exhibit, proof, determination, quotation, observation, validation, manifestation.

facts, news (noun)

knowledge, info, advice, score, intelligence, propaganda, wisdom, material, erudition, tidings, cue, science, illumination, enlightenment, report, learning, tip, data, word, scoop, lore, clue, message, notice, instruction.

information (noun)

selective information, details, info, entropy, knowledge, data, evidence, facts.

instruction (noun)

instruction, illumination.

instructions (noun)


knowledge (noun)

erudition, cognizance, understanding, intellect, learning, know-how, ken, wisdom, comprehension, education.

lore (noun)


news (noun)

flash, message, news, dispatch, gossip, report, announcement, bulletin, epistle, rumor, tidings, statement, communication, notice, release, account.

publication (noun)


tidings (noun)


word (noun)


written matter (noun)


Usage examples for information:

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