Pronunciation of Inhibit
/ɪnhˈɪbɪt/, /ɪnhˈɪbɪt/, /ɪ_n_h_ˈɪ_b_ɪ_t/

Antonyms for inhibit:

promote, suffer, authorize, take out, vent, tolerate, empower, encourage, allow, permit.

Synonyms for inhibit:

Sense 1

discomfit, fluster, imperil, shame into, bring up against, humiliate, convulse, count against, conspire, beset, endanger, bugger about, bedevil, brew up, disadvantage.

Sense 2

pitch into, blow up, inconvenience, catch out, hold back, rein, wrong-foot, show up, spite, pitchfork, threaten, knock back, tax, proscribe.

Sense 3

keep back, degrade, shame, mess with, condemn, throttle, defeat, let down, reduce to.

Sense 4

haunt, expose, pose, wither, destroy, scourge, dog, plague, put to.

Sense 6


Sense 8

squeeze, trouble.

Sense 10

corner, develop.

Sense 13

place, throw.

Sense 14

put out.

Sense 16


Sense 17







keep down.



Sense 2 (noun)

let down, disadvantage, hold back, keep, throttle, bring up against, pull in, plague, keep back, count against, rein.

inhibit (noun)

curb, subdue, stamp down, conquer, suppress.

repress (noun)

hold back.

dissuade (verb)

daunt, avert, derail, intimidate, dissuade, bar, deter, admonish, dishearten, discourage, restrain, depress, chill, divert, disincline, deflect, ban, check, dampen, prevent.

hinder (verb)

cripple, constipate, dam, snarl, fetter, thwart, bottleneck, entangle, plug, burden, crimp, frustrate, bung, drag, brake, delay, snag, congest, stay, handicap, mire, paralyze, cramp, complicate, restrict, block, jam, interrupt, impair, hamstring, constrain, clog, encumber, foul, curb, stop, entrap, tangle, hamper, choke, detain, baffle, catch.

oppose (verb)

dispute, conflict, defy, meddle, confront, intercept, suppress, counteract, protest, interfere, impede, resist, oppress, rebuff, counterattack, object, repress, repel, counter, fight, antagonize, repulse, hinder, oppose, obstruct, cross, contradict, disagree, challenge.

prohibit (verb)

forbid, outlaw, deny, curtail, refuse, prohibit, disallow, preclude, reject, control, disapprove, disqualify.

restrain (verb)

constrict, leash, bridle, tether, bind, shackle, confine, collar.

Usage examples for inhibit:

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