Antonyms for initiation:

death, termination, end, abortion.

Synonyms for initiation:

Sense 1

commemoration, communicator, incipience, march-past, leadoff, rite of passage, inaugural, swearing-in, solemnity, incipiency, pomp, instatement, entrance.

Sense 2

testimonial, kickoff, pow-wow, investiture, admission.

Sense 3

graduation, ceremonial, dedication.

Sense 6


Sense 8


Sense 9




Other synonyms and related words:

entry, first appearance, solemnity, introduction, elicitation, macrocosm, foundation, design, incipiency, intro, authorship, communicator, debut, foot, basis, commemoration, foundation garment, gun trigger, investiture, instatement, fount, graduation, generalisation, mental hospital, establishment, inception, ceremonial, generalization, outset, cornerstone, unveiling, launching, fundament, kickoff, incipience, knowledgeableness, induction, innovation, excogitation, beginning, understructure, conception, creation, cosmos, existence, facility, universe, base, origination, trigger, inductance, knowledgeability, intromission, installment, entrance, institution, grounding, mental home, instauration, groundwork, presentation, spring, opening, testimonial, dedication, origin, rite of passage, substructure, asylum, insane asylum, evocation, leadoff, installing, instalment, inductive reasoning, psychiatric hospital, installation, creative activity, investment, swearing-in, start, insertion, admission, world, rise, founding, invention, source, inauguration, inaugural, mental institution, fountain, commencement.

Sense 2 (noun)

ceremonial, dedication, graduation, commemoration, communicator, investment, admission.

Sense 3 (noun)

incipiency, leadoff, kickoff, incipience.

Sense 4 (noun)

instatement, inaugural, investiture.

admission (noun)

confirmation, introduction.

beginning (noun)

origin, spring, inception, incipiency, outset, source, leadoff, basis, incipience, kickoff, opening, origination, presentation, rise, start, creation.

commencement (noun)

convocation, start, graduation, celebration.

conception (noun)

invention, launching.

entrance (noun)


inauguration (noun)


initiation (noun)

debut, trigger, commencement, foundation, institution, entrance, founding, baptism, beginning, instatement, knowledgeableness, installation, investiture, admission, instauration, creation, origination, inaugural, inception, innovation, knowledgeability, inauguration, induction.

introduction (noun)


intromission (noun)


rite (noun)

convocation, eucharist, ceremony, rite, holiday, vesper, confirmation, sacrifice, service, novena, evensong, communion, mass, revival, matrimony, celebration, solemnization, wedlock, liturgy, sacrament, canon, missal, transubstantiation, observance, last rites, Siddur, ritual, baptism, nones, marriage, christening, remembrance.

Usage examples for initiation:

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