Antonyms for insane:

balanced, smart, of sound mind, reasonable, sane, intelligent, rational, valid, sound.

Synonyms for insane:

Sense 1

hipped, bananas, puerile, potty, Daffy, fierce, cheesy, goofy, ridiculous, immature, frivolous, cockamamie, Feather-brained, softheaded, ridiculously, barking mad, kitsch, ditzy, OTT, madcap, over-the-top, risible, warped, ludicrous, jerky, laughable, flaky, wiggy, cock-eyed, shellshocked, dippy, Sophomoric, GONZO, wacko, eccentric.

Sense 2

distraught, cockeyed, shallow, nonsensical, preposterous, absurd, imbecilic, gaga, dizzy, moronic, troubled.

Sense 3

childish, adolescent, dopey, silly, sappy, juvenile, zany.

Sense 4


Sense 7








mentally ill

madly, mentally ill, mental, diminished responsibility, paranoiac, melancholic, manic, shell-shocked, bipolar, depressed.




out in left field.

Other synonyms and related words:

demonic, extreme, laughable, hipped, flaky, unstable, gaga, wrong, amuck, imbecilic, fantastic, half-crazed, foolish, cockeyed, childish, fanciful, around the bend, intolerable, dopey, softheaded, of unsound mind, moonstruck, demoniac, hebephrenic, sappy, loco, featherheaded, unearthly, kookie, ridiculously, unhinged, cuckoo, manic, nonsensical, lunkheaded, crackers, fatuous, potty, juvenile, mental, fool, mentally ill, madcap, dizzy, overextravagant, paranoid, risible, brainsick, maniclike, Daffy, raving, dippy, wacky, loopy, towering, ranting, balmy, preposterous, plethoric, unreal, fierce, distracted, non compos mentis, psychopathologic, buggy, cracked, screw-loose, harebrained, shell-shocked, huffy, eccentric, wacko, steep, ditzy, overmuch, unwise, loony, simpleminded, ridiculous, bipolar, possessed, inept, tomfool, sick, crackpot, zany, haywire, witless, idiotic, bonkers, raving mad, ludicrous, unsound, jerky, troubled, barmy, puerile, amok, certified, over-the-top, fancy, whacky, immature, bubbleheaded, certifiable, distraught, Sophomoric, depressed, cockamamie, crazed, bananas, round the bend, crackbrained, brainless, schizophrenic, bizarre, demoniacal, inordinate, phrenetic, touched, unconscionable, manic-depressive, silly, Weak-minded, psychopathic, fey, moronic, undue, psychopathological, nuts, dotty, half-baked, devilish, screwball, asinine, absurd, screwy, half-witted, cock-eyed, paranoiac, Feather-brained, shallow, exorbitant, daft, maniac, bats, goofy, excited, GONZO, frivolous, extravagant, disturbed, fruity, off.

chaotic (adjective)

deranged, lax, indefinite, disordered, chaotic, embroiled, frenzied, inconsistent, irregular, Disintegrated, tumultuous, wild, loose, rambunctious, disorderly, muddled, out of control, inchoate, disconnected, disorganized, incoherent, tempestuous, uneven, messy, shapeless, disarrayed, inexact, unruly, formless, indistinct, disheveled, blurry, deformed, perturbed, discomposed, lawless, undisciplined, anarchical, anarchistic, amorphous, frantic, obscure, fuzzy, confused, cluttered, jumbled.

crazed (adjective)


daft (adjective)


deranged (adjective)


evil (adjective)


foolish (adjective)

tomfool, zany, imbecilic, loopy, dippy.

frenetic (adjective)


haywire (adjective)

amok, haywire.

insane (adjective)

batty, brain-sick, feverish, neurotic, nutty, blithering, kooky, babbling, berserk, maniacal, demented, unbalanced, deranged, delirious, psycho, schizoid, psychotic, irrational, frenzied, Crack-brained, lunatic, hysterical, crazy, mad.

lunatic (adjective)


mentally ill; foolish (adjective)

cuckoo, raving, loony, nuts, frenzied, of unsound mind, cracked, touched, preposterous, unhinged, nutty, fatuous, paranoid, psychotic, schizophrenic, daft, lunatic, demented, wild, batty, irrational, psychopathic, mental, screwy, crazed, bizarre, deranged, idiotic, moonstruck, mad, crazy, maniacal.

raging (adjective)


sane (adjective)


softheaded (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

over-the-top, childish, laughable, ludicrous, ridiculous.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

dopey, zany, sappy, dippy, unearthly, jerky, moronic, silly, cockeyed, nonsensical, absurd, tomfool, preposterous, softheaded, imbecilic.

deranged (noun)

loony, balmy, screwy, cuckoo, lunatic, demented, wacko, touched, bananas, round the bend, cracked, mad, bonkers, unhinged, psychotic, crazy, unbalanced, bats, loco, nuts, crazed, batty, nutty.

insane (noun)

crackbrained, mentally ill, unbalanced, balmy, touched, raving, bonkers, hebephrenic, round the bend, maniacal, raving mad, cracked, screwy, psychopathic, disturbed, certifiable, paranoid, maniclike, whacky, fey, amuck, dotty, mad, demented, psychopathologic, screw-loose, daft, crazed, distracted, crazy, nuts, barmy, unsound, noncompos mentis, non compos mentis, amok, certified, loopy, around the bend, manic-depressive, psychotic, schizophrenic, demoniacal, unstable, lunatic, loony, maniac, nutty, brainsick, bats, wacky, sick, haywire, fruity, deranged, harebrained, kooky, crackers, possessed, moonstruck, buggy, idiotic, loco, half-crazed, wild, unhinged, berserk, of unsound mind, psychopathological, batty, kookie, demoniac, foolish.

mentally ill (noun)

depressed, diminished responsibility, bipolar.

raging (verb)


Usage examples for insane:

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