Pronunciation of Insanity
/ɪnsˈanɪti/, /ɪnsˈanɪti/, /ɪ_n_s_ˈa_n_ɪ_t_i/

Antonyms for insanity:

mind, discernment, sanity, insight, sagacity, perception, sagaciousness, Sageness, sapience, saneness.

Synonyms for insanity:

Sense 1

senselessness, insaneness, silliness, brainsickness, megalomania, psychopathy, mental illness.

Sense 2

illness, zaniness, idiocy, tomfoolery, preposterousness, folly, foolery, retardation, imbecility.

Sense 3

foolishness, absurdity, stunt.

Sense 6


Sense 7


mental disorder






Other synonyms and related words:

simplicity, stunt, insaneness, inanity, nonsense, fatuousness, irrationality, Asininity, paranoia, disease, imbecility, stupidity, alienation, retardation, aberration, absurdity, Unwisdom, preposterousness, silliness, disturbance, foolery, nonsensicalness, balminess, illness, psychopathy, foolishness, witlessness, dippiness, mental illness, Foppery, zaniness, fatuity, idiocy, brainsickness, folly, senselessness, betise, wackiness, brainlessness, monomania, daftness, tomfoolery, dottiness.

Sense 1 (noun)

illness, mental illness, psychopathy, disease.

Sense 2 (noun)

senselessness, stunt, stupidity, foolishness.

Sense 3 (noun)

insaneness, disturbance, brainsickness.

Sense 4 (noun)

idiocy, folly, absurdity, foolery, silliness, imbecility, nonsense, zaniness, preposterousness, tomfoolery.

absurdity (noun)


disorder (noun)

disintegration, amorphousness, looseness, fuzziness, disorderliness, unevenness, disorder, clutter, incoherence, disconnectedness, tumult, deformity, irregularity, entropy, indefiniteness, disorganization, obscurity, disarray, messiness, inexactness, confusion, anarchy, muddlement, chaos, inconsistency, shapelessness, discomposure, perturbation, lawlessness, anarchism, commotion, turmoil, inchoateness, derangement, frenzy, dishevel, mess, laxity, formlessness, indistinctness, disarrangement.

emotional disorder (noun)

mental illness.

foolishness (noun)

foolery, imbecility, witlessness, craziness.

insanity (noun)

hallucination, nuttiness, craziness, mania, neurosis, brain-sickness, lunacy, madness, psychosis, battiness, hysteria, dementia, kookiness, delirium, feverishness.

mental illness (noun)


mental illness; foolishness (noun)

alienation, psychosis, craziness, absurdity, dementia, psychopathy, madness, aberration, delirium, neurosis, lunacy, witlessness, mania, derangement, inanity, folly, hysteria, irrationality, preposterousness, frenzy, senselessness, hallucination.

unreason (noun)


Usage examples for insanity:

  • In face of facts like these I felt it would be pure insanity to despair. - "A Strange Disappearance", Anna Katharine Green.
  • So I decided on insanity. - "The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill", Winston Churchill.

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