Synonyms for insulate:

Sense 1

encroach, sprinkle, encase, smear, wrap, parcel up, drape.

Sense 2

slather, mantle, surmount, wipe, Reapply, fold, coat, recover, smooth, smother, superimpose.

Sense 3

dab, cocoon, quiet, resurface, rub, bury, apply, crown, daub, dot, plaster.

Sense 4

blanket, gloss, collect.

Sense 6


Sense 7


Sense 9


Sense 1 (noun)

crown, smother, blanket, top, bury, recover.

Sense 2 (noun)

cut off.

insulate (noun)


dissociate (verb)

dissociate, disjoin, dismantle, divorce, alienate, rupture, disunite, separate, sunder, disassociate, partition, detach, segregate, divide, split, disengage, rend, disconnect, fragment, part, sever, excise, cleave, break, uncouple, halve.

line (verb)

line, pad, inlay, pack, wad, Interline, face.

protect (verb)

coat, cover, wrap, encase.

protect; close off (verb)

keep apart, cut off, set apart, separate, cocoon, wrap, inlay, sequester, coat, line, isolate, seclude.

seclude (verb)

cordon, exile, reject, blacklist, banish, deport, expatriate, eject, disbar, exclude, screen, expel, closet, excommunicate, oust, seclude, extradite, confine, evict, isolate, cloister, sequester, remove, ostracize, blackball, extirpate, eliminate, boycott.

separate (verb)

cut, disassemble, estrange, Unfix, disaffiliate, dissect, unhinge, Unglue, disarticulate, pare, scissor, axe, rip, bisect, slice, disintegrate, incise, amputate.

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