Pronunciation of Invent
/ɪnvˈɛnt/, /ɪnvˈɛnt/, /ɪ_n_v_ˈɛ_n_t/

Antonyms for invent:

destroy, raze.

Synonyms for invent:

Sense 1

misrepresent, delude, pawn off as, misinform, individualize, Misreport, reengineer, expedite, instigate, scare up, pass off, hoodwink, Misspeak, mislead, bring about, usher in, defame.

Sense 2

spawn, phase, provide, erect, catalyze, peddle, determine, evolve, induce, pretend, propel, stimulate, beget, libel, embroider, lead to, mint, fib, conjure up, streamline, hasten, justify.

Sense 3

spin off, sustain, deceive, personalize, kick off, bluff, set off, work up, come up with, mediate, occasion.

Sense 4

whitewash, jive, prompt, will.

Sense 5

trigger, establish, fool, warrant.

Sense 6

guarantee, trick, style, spur, breed, effect, launch.

Sense 7

send, bring, dream.

Sense 8

engineer, lie.

Sense 9

pad, present.

Sense 10


Sense 11

set up.

Sense 12

mean, put on.

Sense 22


Sense 27



ad lib.

ad lib



set up.


initiate, make up.


devise, dream up.


mull over.








extemporize, ad lib.

make up




Other synonyms and related words:

breed, bring, sustain, spirt, style, dream, cast, ruminate, prompt, evolve, comprise, Misspeak, come up with, mislead, pad, bring about, spin off, engineer, devise, throw, compensate, represent, feign, phrase, set, Misreport, launch, counterfeit, find, machinate, jive, erect, conciliate, shape, warrant, make up, peddle, pretend, whitewash, send, mint, excogitate, fib, extemporize, explicate, hammer, project, discover, find out, mediate, fashion, establish, set up, mould, forge, prepare, provide, trigger, meditate, spawn, present, pay off, force, be, dream up, delude, effect, determine, improvise, articulate, bluff, conjure up, settle, propel, streamline, detect, catch up with, deceive, beget, spurt, simulate, reengineer, lie, have, put forth, hasten, patch up, mold, misrepresent, induce, pay, work up, reconcile, will, kick off, misinform, concoct, cook up, organize, muse, fake.

Sense 1 (noun)

dream up, ad lib, set off, trigger, bring about, catalyze, improvise.

Sense 2 (noun)

simulate, feign, misrepresent, mislead, deceive, lie, Misspeak, conjure up.

Sense 3 (noun)

come up with, personalize, streamline, engineer, individualize, reengineer.

invent (noun)

manufacture, excogitate, cook up, fabricate, forge, make up, formulate, devise, contrive.

compose (verb)

compose, include, embrace, embody, combine, compile, constitute.

create (verb)

develop, make, formulate, form, build, construct, fabricate.

create, think up (verb)

plan, execute, fake, find, make, fashion, formulate, project, devise, conceive, contrive, cook up, produce, design, compose, form, improvise, inaugurate, originate, initiate, envision, hatch, mint, come up with, dream up, forge, discover, make up, imagine.

fabricate (verb)

pretend, feign, misrepresent, lie, conjure up, fib, simulate, concoct.

imagine (verb)

ideate, opine, reflect, envision, imagine, brainstorm, theorize, contemplate, consider, observe, perceive, suppose, think, fantasize.

originate (verb)

originate, begin, start, generate, induct, institute, hatch, inaugurate, produce, commence, introduce, initiate, create.

plan (verb)

premeditate, intend, design, coordinate, expect, arrange, aim, blueprint, plan, propose, plot, anticipate, scheme, conceive, contrive, chart.

pretend (verb)


produce (verb)

mother, father, manufacture, cultivate, execute, put forth.

Usage examples for invent:

  • Such things as he used to invent! - "Recalled to Life", Grant Allen.
  • Did you invent them? - "Betty Wales Freshman", Edith K. Dunton.
  • He could invent nothing else to say. - "The Bronze Bell", Louis Joseph Vance.

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