Synonyms for invention:

Sense 1

half-truth, snow job, handiwork, ingeniousness, baloney, disinformation, mendacity, malarkey, fib, discovery, hokum, fiction, white lie, origin, whopper, untruth, misinformation.

Sense 2

bull, flannel, falsehood, fairy tale, rumor, bs, bluff, expression, ingenuity, cover story, jive.

Sense 3


Sense 4


Sense 8

put on.

Sense 10


Sense 20




Other synonyms and related words:

discovery, fable, rumor, lie, ruse, novel, handiwork, ideation, device, cheat, concoction, ingeniousness, origin, falsehood, craft, disinformation, fib, line, art, figure, story, figment, cleverness, untruth, white lie, guile, foundation, purpose, bull, trick, fiction, whopper, hokum, pattern, baloney, blind, innovativeness, malarkey, designing, subterfuge, construct, wile, concept, jive, initiation, cunning, misinformation, authorship, finesse, imposture, founding, half-truth, institution, bluff, instauration, ingenuity, stratagem, fraud, myth, excogitation, mendacity, machination, breakthrough, fairy tale, introduction, intent, dodge, maneuver, artifice.

Sense 2 (noun)

lie, disinformation, discovery, half-truth, white lie, misinformation, falsehood, untruth.

Sense 3 (noun)

breakthrough, ingeniousness, ingenuity.

Sense 5 (noun)

fiction, figment, myth.

cognition (noun)

excogitation, innovation, conception, design.

composition (noun)

composition, compilation, embodiment, fabrication, construction, formation, constitution, combination, inclusion.

creation (noun)

establishment, development, generation, origination, formulation, production.

creation, creativeness (noun)

creativity, concoction, development, design, innovation, device, discovery, inventiveness, brainchild, ingenuity, imagination, contrivance, originality.

discovery (noun)


excogitation (noun)

excogitation, formulation.

fabrication, lie (noun)

fiction, figment, untruth, fib, fantasy, falsehood, story.

imagination (noun)

creativity, dream, imagination, vision, brainchild, supposition, Daydreams, creation, thinking, Dreams, fantasy, contemplation.

invention (noun)

excogitation, innovation, conception, design.

originality (noun)

inventiveness, originality, creativeness, innovation.

plan (noun)

chart, intention, conception, coordination, aim, proposition, design, scheme, arrangement, anticipation, contrivance, blueprint, plot, idea, premeditation, plan, expectation.

untruth (noun)


Usage examples for invention:

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