Antonyms for irreverent:

respectful, pious, reverent, holy, venerating, spiritless, religious, sacred.

Synonyms for irreverent:

Sense 1

atheist, secularize, nihilism, unbelief, unbeliever, sinner, temporal, rationalist, humanism, earthly, secularism, sacrilege, lapsed, mundane, corporeal, unorthodox, nonobservance, heterodox, apostate, anticlerical.

Sense 2

flesh, profanity, ironic.

Sense 3

violate, hardened.

Sense 6






Other synonyms and related words:

ironic, facetious, lapsed, fresh, heterodox, spirited, immaterial, apostate, extraneous, unorthodox, iconoclastic, profanity, sacrilege, flesh, atheist, aweless, secularism, overbold, wise, secularize, nonobservance, sassy, awless, rationalist, unbelief, orthogonal, smart, sinner, pert, world, nihilism, temporal, humanism.

disrespectful (adjective)

impolite, discourteous, blasphemous, impudent, insolent, impertinent, aweless, disrespectful, bold, improper.

facetious (adjective)

ironic, smart, sarcastic.

hardened (adjective)


impious (adjective)

hardened, disrespectful, agnostic, wayward, unholy, fallen, impious, irreligious, unfaithful, ungodly, blasphemous, unchristian, atheistic, profane, godless, apostate, sinful, sacrilegious.

insolent (adjective)

derisive, sarcastic, contemptuous, defiant, outrageous, audacious, candid, discourteous, mouthy, cheeky, callous, rude, outspoken, flagrant, insolent, disrespectful, saucy, impolite, arrogant, bold, sacrilegious, impertinent, insubordinate, brazen, presumptuous, brash.

irreligious (adjective)

atheistic, ungodly, nihilistic, non-believing, non-practicing, worldly, Creedless, profane, heathen, faithless, unbelieving, secular, impious, irreligious, disbelieving, non-religious, pagan, godless, agnostic, undevout.

irreverent (adjective)

insolent, fresh, derisive, contemptuous, impertinent, aweless, sacrilegious, unholy, iconoclastic, profane, ungodly, impious, rude, impudent.

profane (adjective)

mundane, worldly, temporal.

skeptical (adjective)


tongue-in-cheek (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

atheist, humanism, rationalist, unorthodox.

irreverent (noun)

godless, awless, disrespectful, impertinent, impious, pert, saucy, sacrilegious, blasphemous, spirited, profane, aweless.

Usage examples for irreverent:

  • In their hearts they think it almost irreverent to read the service in French. - "Worldly Ways and Byways", Eliot Gregory.
  • These irreverent sounding terminations do not by any means imply that the cities so called are steeped in wickedness and crime. - "Odd Bits of Travel with Brush and Camera", Charles M. Taylor, Jr..

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