Antonyms for irritating:

comfortable, depressant.

Synonyms for irritating:

Sense 1

silly, pathetic, footling, impossible, invasive, acrid, lamentable, sour, damnable, wheedling.

Sense 2

abrasive, accursed.



Other synonyms and related words:

testy, sour, itchy, mocking, abrasive, pestilent, plaguy, petulant, tetchy, frustrating, abominable, peckish, perversive, plaguey, awful, afflictive, stimulative, pesky, silly, scratchy, grain, vexatious, damnable, irritative, peevish, prickly, techy, Nettling, cranky, pestilential, terrible, irritable, atrocious, pesty, dreadful, fractious, rebarbative, Carking, invasive, quizzical, pestiferous, maddening, pettish, nettlesome, galling, acrid, unspeakable.

aggravating (adjective)

vexing, perturbing, exasperating, tormenting, antagonizing, teasing, troublesome, grating, Harassing, pestering, disturbing, bothersome, Bedeviling, exacerbating, Irksome, Enraging, infuriating, aggravating, annoying, Rankling, inflaming, upsetting.

all (adjective)


galling (adjective)

galling, Harassing.

offensive (adjective)


painful (adjective)

grueling, arduous, oppressive, annoying, cruel, horrendous, crushing, throbbing, acute, biting, woeful, aching, bitter, withering, unpleasant, disagreeable, anguishing, unbearable, Besetting, severe, tormenting, inflaming, sore, bothersome, distressful, trying, uncomfortable, aggravating, agonizing, excruciating, troublesome, Irksome, hurtful, cutting, insufferable, Cramping, miserable, grievous, harrowing, piercing, wrenching, Gnawing, offensive, stabbing, burdensome, painful, chafing, stinging, smarting, odious.

vexatious (adjective)

plaguy, provoking, bothersome, disturbing, annoying, trying.

Sense 1 (noun)


irritating (noun)

uncomfortable, bothersome, plaguey, galling, pesky, disagreeable, plaguy, teasing, pestering, painful, stimulative, annoying, irritative, vexing, pestiferous, vexatious, nettlesome.

aggravating (verb)

Harrying, Envenoming, nagging, troubling, Arousing, badgering, Discomposing, needling, baiting, peeving.

chafing (verb)

rubbing, grating, grinding, wearing, rasping, aggravating, Fretting, scraping, Harassing, disturbing, Resisting, Abrading, scrubbing, chafing.

displeasing (verb)

provoking, offending, disgusting, jarring, displeasing, Angering, shocking, repelling, disappointing, Scandalizing, Riling, Aggrieving.

irritating (verb)

hassling, vexing, Bothering, annoying, Piquing, acerbating, irking, teasing.

paining (verb)

Discomforting, racking, stitching, distressing, suffering, Afflicting, Paining, hurting.

Usage examples for irritating:

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