Synonyms for jabberwocky:

Sense 1

abracadabra, double talk, twaddle, blather, blatherskite, gobbledygook.

Sense 2

gibberish, mumbo jumbo.

Sense 4

jargon, nonsense.

Other synonyms and related words:

Double Dutch, prattle, jargon, gabble, blabber, jabber, drivel, babble, burble, slobber, blather, mumbo jumbo, gobbledygook, nonsense, abracadabra, twaddle, blatherskite, gibber, gibberish.

babble (noun)

burble, blather, gabble, jabber, twaddle, prattle, nonsense, gibberish, drivel, blatherskite, jargon, double talk.

gibberish (noun)

babble, mumbo jumbo, abracadabra, gobbledygook.

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