Antonyms for key:

trivial, unimportant, minor, insignificant.

Synonyms for key:

Sense 1

commodity, obsession, fulcrum, Underpinning, meat, Pass-key, principal, rekey, drag-and-drop, focal point, agenda, the gist, translation, master key, starter kit, requisite, necessary, basis, premier, fine print, tuning peg, type into, definition, skeleton, resonator, right-click, starter pack, type in, page up, fundamentals, foundation, big deal, nuance, key ring, punch-up, catgut, high point, the nitty-gritty, double-click, skeleton key, sacred cow, punch in, page down, plectrum, determinant, the quick, crowning glory, nub, need, centerpiece, open sesame, the leading edge, keynote, basics, treasure, latchkey, first principles, hover, nucleus, bolt, prerequisite, left-click, bottom line, sine qua non, damper, byway.

Sense 2

backspace, toggle, demand, priority, lifeblood, cornerstone, paramount, pith, consideration, pivotal, soft pedal, main, essence, imperative, requirement, primary, code, driver, foundation stone, answer, plank, bellows, drumstick, religion, control, necessity, leading, pivot, tap out, building block, prize, fret, foremost, explanation.

Sense 3

fob, neck, kernel, supply, cement, reed, valve, scroll, staple, keyboard, resource, major, element, force, provision, pedal.

Sense 4

combination, mute, pipe, input, stuff, note, pick, prime, first, mouthpiece, click, bow, formula, peg.

Sense 5

concern, route, heart.

Sense 6

drag, shift, secret.

Sense 8

bridge, stop, bunch.

Sense 9

hammer, tab, string.

Sense 13




francis scott key

Francis Scott Key.



central (adjective)

nuclear, pivotal.

essential, important (adjective)

crucial, primary, material, major, principal, chief, vital, main, leading, pivotal, fundamental.

focal (adjective)

convergent, focal, core, essential, asymptotic, central, nuclear.

important (adjective)

eternal, consequential, make-or-break, telling, historic, sacrosanct, substantial, all-important, serious, far-reaching, front and center, sacred, epoch-making, vitally, monumental, especial, high, valuable, hot, landmark, special, major league, mere, world-shaking, crucial, momentous, material, all-consuming, weighty, real.

Sense 2 (noun)

chief, leading, number one, primary, capital, premier, major, foremost, paramount, main, principal, first, prime.

Sense 3 (noun)

element, priority, essence, pivotal, basis, concern, staple.

Sense 4 (noun)

formula, control, route, backspace, secret.

Sense 5 (noun)

hover, input, drag, click, drag-and-drop, double-click.

Sense 6 (noun)

bridge, head, catgut, bellows, damper, hammer, drumstick, bow, fret.

Sense 8 (noun)

combination, Pass-key, fob, bunch, key ring, skeleton key, latchkey, code, master key.

answer, solution (noun)

core, pointer, sign, brand, translation, pivot, nucleus, cue, passport, code, ticket, marker, explanation, password, fulcrum.

essential (noun)

chief, principal, pivotal.

indication (noun)

crest, token, flag, semaphore, insignia, logotype, stamp, pointer, icon, banner, ticket, wave, lighthouse, gesture, tag, label, prompt, gesticulation, guidepost, beacon, emblem, indication, denotation, symbol, hint, signal, marker, sign, motion, badge, designation, signpost, brand, wink, legend, notation, logo, figuration, alert, cue.

island (noun)

atoll, cay, islet, reef, archipelago, island, isle, Holm.

item that unlocks (noun)

skeleton, latchkey.

key (noun)

describe, fundamental, operative, identify, distinguish, central, kilo, Francis Scott Key, significant, kilogram, of import, cay, key out, winder, cardinal, name, kg, Florida Keys, tonality, discover, primal, important.

key signature (noun)


person (noun)

Francis Scott Key.

cognition (verb)

distinguish, identify, discover, describe, name, key out.

Usage examples for key:

  • He let himself in at his door with a private key- and I saw him no more. - "Vendetta A Story of One Forgotten", Marie Corelli.
  • She was out of key. - "The Gold Trail", Harold Bindloss.
  • Beulah's getting further and further off key, that's all. - "Turn About Eleanor", Ethel M. Kelley.

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