Synonyms for kindling:

Sense 1

fired, firewood, fuel, combustion.

Other synonyms and related words:

heart, touchwood, firing, punk rocker, firewood, hoodlum, nerve, hood, sack, goon, combustion, tinder, thug, dismissal, fervor, firing off, dismission, light, strong-armer, toughie, release, sacking, fire, punk, excitation, ignition, fuel, discharge, spunk, inflammation, liberation, mettle, ignition system, fervour, punk rock, redness.

Sense 1 (noun)

firewood, fuel.

act (noun)

ignition, inflammation, lighting, firing.

combustion (noun)

burning, ignition, combustion.

kindling (noun)

lighting, spunk, firing, punk, ignition, touchwood, tinder, inflammation.

material for starting a fire (noun)

firewood, tinder.

substance (noun)

spunk, tinder, touchwood, punk.

igniting (verb)

inflaming, lighting, Igniting, burning.

Usage examples for kindling:

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