Pronunciation of Kinds
/kˈa͡ɪndz/, /kˈa‍ɪndz/, /k_ˈaɪ_n_d_z/

Synonyms for kinds:

categories (noun)

Phyla, Genotypes, Genera, Styles, species, brands, Classes, LINEs, Grains, Categories, stripes, breeds, stocks, series, Forms, stamps, feathers, orders, molds, denominations, sorts, clans, Races, levels, types, steps, designations, peoples, labels, Families, kingdoms, degrees, grades, Classifications, Castes, ranks, sets, persuasions, Varieties, Strains, Taxonomies.

characters (noun)

Characters, reputations, Individualities, reputes, dispositions, statures, descriptions, temperaments, natures, Personalities, Peculiarities.

Usage examples for kinds:

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