Antonyms for lackadaisical:

busy, careful, lively, energetic, active, enthusiastic.

Synonyms for lackadaisical:

Sense 1

self-destructive, ham-handed, complacent, remiss, slaphappy, shiftless, unconcern, slovenly, slipshod, superficial, tactless, dilatory, devil-may-care, complacency, insouciant, gratuitous, negligent, perfunctory, half-assed, quick and dirty, flagging.

Sense 2

lymphatic, airy, spiritless, sloppy, idly.

Sense 3

loose, slack, tardy.

Sense 5


Sense 6




Other synonyms and related words:

dilatory, careless, gratuitous, tardy, Languishing, ham-handed, slaphappy, inactive, limp, perfunctory, remiss, ambitious, idly, sloppy, casual, moony, unergetic, unconcerned, sad, insouciant, dreamy, idle, lymphatic, loose, shiftless, slack, half-assed, complacent, slovenly, spiritless, enervated, slipshod, flagging, devil-may-care, nonchalant, negligent.

all (adjective)

dreamy, languid, languorous.

careless, indifferent (adjective)

dull, indolent, Languishing, languorous, listless, enervated, spiritless, moony, unconcerned, languid, idle, slothful, lethargic, dreamy, lazy, apathetic, limp.

depressed (adjective)


enervated (adjective)

limp, enervated.

inattentive (adjective)


indifferent (adjective)


lethargic (adjective)

languid, languorous, dull, lifeless, dopey, apathetic, lumpish, leisurely, drooping, unhurried, torpid, lazy, benumbed, tired, listless, lethargic, phlegmatic, slow, sluggish, leaden, insensible, indolent, slothful, drugged.

Sense 1 (noun)

remiss, careless, perfunctory, slipshod, complacency, casual, complacent.

Sense 2 (noun)

flagging, limp, lymphatic, spiritless.

lackadaisical (noun)

unergetic, idle, lethargic, languid, dreamy, languorous.

Usage examples for lackadaisical:

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