Antonyms for lambaste:


Synonyms for lambaste:

Sense 1


Sense 2

drub, hammer, rap, pound, belabor, reprove, assail, pummel, upbraid, reproach, hurt.

Sense 3

admonish, batter, buffet.

Sense 4

assault, thresh, thrash, baste.

Sense 5


Sense 7


Sense 14






Other synonyms and related words:

call down, pommel, whup, annoy, buffet, irritate, have words, rile, flog, berate, evoke, clobber, birch, invoke, hurt, bedevil, cane, assail, nettle, baste, tan, flay, gossip, razz, rattle on, scold, welt, smash, chitchat, confab, taunt, remonstrate, beat out, lecture, Tromp, yack, censure, reproach, admonish, bawl out, thrash, belabor, frustrate, drub, lambast, raise, ride, chew out, stir, thresh, tantalise, bother, potshot, chaffer, shell, tease, chatter, talk, batter, trounce, vituperate, chew up, reprimand, beat, rally, masticate, pummel, yack away, paddle, underdress, get at, COD, nark, dress down, confabulate, work over, tantalize, reproof, gravel, assault, claver, vanquish, visit, chew, scathe, whip, upbraid, vex, dun, reprove, pound, arouse, slog, grumble, torment, jaw, rebuke, bait, maul, lash, manducate, grouch, curry, excoriate, rap, slash, point out, yap away, conjure, natter, hammer, call, rag, criminate, call on the carpet, chide, twit, chat, get to, lather, chafe, tongue-lash, strap, crush.

Sense 2 (noun)

belabor, buffet, clobber, assault, baste, batter, pound, assail, drub, hammer, smash, thrash, pummel, thresh.

lambaste (noun)

chew out, cane, rebuke, trounce, have words, lecture, scold, flog, reproof, jaw, chide, bawl out, berate, dress down, chew up, remonstrate, lambast, rag, reprimand.

punish (verb)

burden, execute, chastise, castigate, distress, anguish, punish, chasten, torture, try, incarcerate, imprison, discipline, persecute, crucify, fine, judge, sentence, penalize, pillory, correct, confine, afflict, Keelhaul, avenge, reprise, agonize.

punish, beat (verb)

censure, thrash, reprimand, pummel, scold, pound, whip, rebuke, excoriate, upbraid, flog, castigate, berate, slash, flay, scathe, assail, hammer.

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