Synonyms for Leaves:

permissions (noun)

permissions, allowances, concessions, cartes blanche, sanctions, blessings, consents, privileges, dispensations, Licenses, approvals, passes, Permits, authorizations, Freedoms, franchises, tolerances.

abandons (verb)

quits, abdicates, defects, discontinues, resigns, deserts, relinquishes, vacates, abandons, drops, forsakes, evacuates, surrenders.

departs (verb)

departs, goes, withdraws, decamps, flees, parts, embarks, exits.

leaves (verb)

abstracts, voids, omits, absents, Empties.

rids (verb)

rejects, parts with, dispels, jettisons, disclaims, forgoes, rids, renounces, casts off, waives, sheds, disowns, lets go, discards, vents, relegates, capitulates, dismisses, releases, disposes, cancels.

Usage examples for Leaves:

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