Synonyms for lethargic:

Sense 1


Sense 2

uninterested, unconcerned, unresponsive, stolid, impassive.

Sense 3

incurious, enthusiastic.

Sense 4

indifferent, detached.



Other synonyms and related words:

unconcerned, foggy, unresponsive, stuporous, impassive, uninterested, quiescent, stolid, incurious, indifferent, unergetic, dazed, dreamy, hebetudinous, enthusiastic, logy, detached, unconscious, groggy.

dense (adjective)


dull (adjective)

drowsy, apathetic, dense, cloddish, dim, sluggish, stupefied, obtuse, blunt, doltish, slow, comatose, loutish, ponderous, dull, sleepy, boorish, bovine, benumbed, thick-witted, besotted, soporific.

fatigued (adjective)

drowsy, Wayworn, worn-out, exhausted, Frazzled, Flagged, run down, fatigued, tired, sluggish, enervated, sleepy, weary.

inactive (adjective)

motionless, unmoving, dormant, Snail-paced, sleepy, idle, unworking, lifeless, jobless, stationary, sedentary, inactive, still, unemployed.

inert (adjective)

stationary, apathetic, immobile, languid, idle, listless, sluggish, inanimate, Reposing, inactive, static, passive, insensible, comatose, stagnant, paralytic, motionless, dormant, lifeless, languorous, sedentary, catatonic, vegetative, inert, still, indifferent.

lazy, sluggish (adjective)

phlegmatic, enervated, inert, indifferent, inactive, passive, drowsy, impassive, stupefied, listless, languid, lackadaisical, apathetic, sleepy, slothful, stolid, languorous, slow, dull, dormant, idle, comatose, torpid, dopey.

lethargic (adjective)

insensible, leaden, tired, slothful, phlegmatic, dull, lackadaisical, lumpish, slow, benumbed, unhurried, torpid, dopey, languid, languorous, listless, apathetic, lifeless, lazy, indolent, leisurely, drooping, sluggish, drugged.

slow (adjective)

Trudging, plodding, crawling, Loitering, poky, sluggish, dawdling, phlegmatic, slowpoke, creeping, leisurely, lingering, Delaying, slow, dragging.

Sense 2 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

unconcerned, indifferent, impassive, unresponsive, uninterested, detached, incurious, stolid.

lethargic (noun)

listless, stuporous, foggy, groggy, dreamy, unergetic, languorous, dazed, languid, lackadaisical, logy.

Usage examples for lethargic:

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