Pronunciation of Level
/lˈɛvə͡l/, /lˈɛvə‍l/, /l_ˈɛ_v_əl/

Antonyms for level:

rough, unsteady, irregular, inclined, uneven, raise, broken, unequal, construct, unstable, vertical, slanting, ragged.

Synonyms for level:

Sense 1

criterion, waist-high, sky-high, jog along, subsidiarity, tablespoon, juncture, knee-high, the first floor, Versus, obliterate, teaspoon, downstairs, inferiority, rectilinear, thimbleful, destruct, touchstone, unopposed, shoulder-high, rating, stature, basement, tabula rasa, TSP, tankful, upstairs, victorious, standardize, pecking order, abreast, eye level, abrupt, altitude, deck, TBS, glassful, regularize, equalize, quality assurance, chain of command, ground floor, height, lower ground floor, seniority, low point, unaltered, close-run, top brass, mezzanine, underling, precedence.

Sense 2

peg, dynamite, spray, ineffectual, towering, immunity, benchmark, uplifted, toehold, withstand, carton, the stratosphere, untouched, midpoint, jug, underdog, stagnate, hold together, tall, foothold, prong, unaffected, wall-to-wall, grandeur, competing, lowlights, way station.

Sense 3

standing, tie, blunt, baseline, listing, immune, fell, precipitous, slot, linear, negation, barrel, elevated, raised, pyramid, stay, resist, installment, elevation, glass, equate, stabilize, index, spread, smoothly.

Sense 5

middle, pedigree, true, loft, soar, gut, tank, standard, plumb, performance.

Sense 6

Against, preserve.

Sense 7

maintain, throw, out.

Sense 8

close, stand up, parallel, clear, cast, hold up.

Sense 9


Sense 10

stable, lay.

Sense 13


Sense 15


Sense 16


Sense 18


Sense 23


Sense 31


bring down

shoot down, mow down.


lay waste, obliterate, axe, destruct.

















take apart




Other synonyms and related words:

floor, standing, equalize, stratum, rase, direct, equal, prostrate, deck, stage, status, tie, fell.

all (adjective)

even, unwavering, tied.

continuous (adjective)

perennial, unchangeable, interminable, persistent, unbroken, repeated, indefatigable, monotonous, everlasting, continuing, undying, connected, regular, unceasing, consistent, cyclical, perpetual, robot-like, habitual, monolithic, constant, sequential, incessant, continuous, unvarying, seamless, consecutive, unchanging, coherent, continual, even, unending, invariable, gapless, ceaseless, un-intermittent, undeviating, straight, endless, homogeneous, lasting, flat, unremitting, nonstop, recurrent, repetitive, steady, uniform, featureless.

equal (adjective)


flat (adjective)

prairie-like, tabular, even, flush, planar, flat, horizontal.

low (adjective)

low, flat, short, squat, stumpy, ground level, lower, bottom, deep.

motionless (adjective)


smooth (adjective)

shiny, marble, glazed, polished, even, glossy, Lacquered, frictionless, silky, flat, smooth, burnished, varnished, satiny, velvety, sleek, slippery, edgeless, glassy, slilken, slick, satin-smooth, streamlined, slithery.

smooth, balanced (adjective)

flush, consistent, horizontal, calm, uniform, plane, constant, like, straight, steady, even, polished, equable, stable, flat, alike, unbroken, parallel, continuous, same, regular.

straight (adjective)

linear, rectilinear.

uniform (adjective)

invariable, consistent, like, assonant, unvarying, same, consonant, monolithic, undiversified, undifferentiated, homogeneous, seamless, even, undeviating, indistinguishable, alike, uniform, regular, equable, unbroken, steady.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 3 (noun)

rung, peg.

Sense 6 (noun)

out, close-run, Against, competing, clear, unopposed.

Sense 7 (noun)

height, the stratosphere, eye level, elevation, altitude, stature.

Sense 8 (noun)


Sense 10 (noun)

glassful, glass, jug, barrel, carton, mug, bottle.

Sense 11 (noun)

par, quality assurance, standard, criterion, baseline, rating.

Sense 12 (noun)

ground floor, loft, lower ground floor, basement, gallery, the first floor, downstairs.

Sense 13 (noun)

smoothly, blunt.

Sense 14 (noun)

status, ranking, echelon, position.

Sense 15 (noun)


Sense 16 (noun)

gut, condemn.

Sense 18 (noun)

precipitous, knee-high, elevated, high.

Sense 20 (noun)

negation, untouched, unaltered, ineffectual, immune, unaffected.

Sense 21 (noun)

low point, lowlights, installment, juncture.

Sense 22 (noun)

regularize, preserve, standardize, stay, withstand, jog along, stabilize, hold, maintain.

category (noun)

kind, grain, breed, make, stock, designation, stripe, order, stamp, type, phylum, kingdom, category, persuasion, feather, label, class, people, line, rank, species, clan, set, form, denomination, series, brand, taxonomy, Family, caste, strain, ilk, genotype, mold, style, race, variety, classification, genus, sort.

degree (noun)

intensity, potential, range, step, quality, extent, amplitude, grade, caliber, measure, degree, magnitude, notch, scale.

develop (noun)


facet (noun)


gauge (noun)

rule, ruler, log, compass, T square, gauge, micrometer, straightedge, dial, transit, tape measure, rod, yardstick, protractor, vernier, sextant.

horizontal position or thing (noun)

layer, height, story, altitude, floor, stratum, elevation.

layer (noun)

hierarchy, covering, story, Strata, blanket, graduation, lamination, layer, mantle, coat, tier.

level (noun)

layer, even, plane, grade, raze, floor, charge, storey, rase, story, degree, unwavering, steady, horizontal surface, horizontal, stage, point, tear down, pull down, even out, level off, spirit level, tier, flat, dismantle, take down, stratum.

rank (noun)


rank, position (noun)

stage, status, standing, grade, degree, standard.

rung (noun)


tie (noun)


tool (noun)

auger, table saw, lathe, cold chisel, lug wrench, calipers, plane, welder, shears, hedge trimmer, scissors, snips, buzz saw, scythe, hacksaw, stapler, jointer, punch, spanner, grindstone, mallet, machete, grapnel, hoe, axe, handsaw, spoke shave, tire iron, ripsaw, sickle, drill, file, tool, planer, trowel, saw, wedge, Drill press, monkey wrench, circular saw, crosscut saw, vise, square, sledgehammer, back saw, Bow-saw, pick, spade, scroll saw, awl, chisel, tin snips, wrench, knife, radial arm saw, pickax, bench drill, band saw, ball-peen hammer, shovel, chain saw, pliers, gouge, wrecking bar, keyhole saw, emery wheel, coping saw, arc welder, hatchet, jackknife, jigsaw, posthole auger, hammer, pipe wrench, claw hammer, miter box, screwdriver, edger, crowbar.

destroy (verb)

disintegrate, desolate, decimate, destroy, vaporize, demolish, raze, atomize, dismantle, wreck, rip to shreds, abolish, mow down, devastate, pulverize, eradicate, exterminate, annihilate, bulldoze, tear down, lay waste, smash, flatten, extirpate.

destroy, demolish (verb)

down, devastate, pull down, raze, tear down, wreck, fell, bring down, bulldoze.

flatten (verb)

compress, squish, deflate.

homogenize (verb)

homogenize, conform.

layer (verb)

stratify, laminate.

make even (verb)

even out, even off, lay, smooth, smoothen, straighten, flatten, equalize, equate.

order (verb)


smooth (verb)

grind, gloss, sand, silken, slick, smooth, polish, burnish, glaze.

Usage examples for level:

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