Pronunciation of Lonely
/lˈə͡ʊnli/, /lˈə‍ʊnli/, /l_ˈəʊ_n_l_i/

Antonyms for lonely:

elated, social, inhabited.

Synonyms for lonely:

Sense 1

adrift, far-off, farthest, Companionless, remotely, outer, distantly, far-flung, shut off, godforsaken, afar, estranged, bereft, furthermost, way out, mile, stray, nostalgic, outermost, unconnected, yonder.

Sense 2

insular, lorn, farther, outlying, distant, out-of-the-way, furthest, desolate, apart, cleft, faraway.

Sense 3

peripheral, removed, away.

Sense 4

far, single, extreme.

Sense 5

obscure, remote.

Sense 6


Sense 7






Other synonyms and related words:

dire, nonsocial, farthest, insular, inaccessible, glum, adrift, Companionless, gray, shut off, nongregarious, sunless, cheerless, sole, homesick, unaccessible, disconsolate, lonesome, furthermost, desolate, single, friendless, peripheral, bereft, unaccompanied, unconnected, lone, way out, afar, gloomy, saturnine, cimmerian, solo, estranged, out-of-the-way, somber, tenebrous, unsocial, comfortless, remote, furthest, distant, chill, godforsaken, cleft, nostalgic, remotely, funereal, removed, lorn, unfrequented, murky, lugubrious, obscure, away, mile, outlying, black, dreich, extreme, apart, clear, dejected.

abandoned (adjective)


all (adjective)


depressing (adjective)


desolate (adjective)

desert, uninhabited, deserted, forlorn, bleak, inhospitable, wretched, stark, dismal, forsaken, bare, forgotten, dreary, barren, abandoned, godforsaken, miserable.

feeling friendless, forlorn (adjective)

lone, comfortless, estranged, outcast, secluded, lonesome, alone, single, Companionless, solitary, unsocial, godforsaken, apart, desolate, abandoned, disconsolate, reclusive, isolated, forsaken, deserted.

nostalgic (adjective)


out-of-the-way (adjective)

obscure, unfrequented, sequestered, remote, uninhabited, removed.

secluded (adjective)

alone, Extirpated, sequestered, cordoned, maverick, Exiled, detached, anonymous, Ejected, Ostracized, cloistered, hermitic, Excluded, segregated, Deported, solitary, aloof, misanthropic, Eliminated, blacklisted, isolated, outcast, antisocial, Banished, closeted, Extradited, Disbarred, Expatriated, xenophobic, separated, Blackballed, confined, Excommunicated, reclusive, alienated, secluded, boycott.

Sense 1 (noun)

comfortless, lorn, Companionless, apart, disconsolate, homesick, bereft, adrift, friendless, single, estranged, desolate.

Sense 2 (noun)

away, outermost, distant, remote, far.

Sense 4 (noun)


Sense 5 (noun)

insular, outlying, obscure, removed, out-of-the-way.

lonely (noun)

inaccessible, solitary, lonesome, lone, unsocial, dejected, alone, unfrequented, unaccessible, unaccompanied.

Usage examples for lonely:

  • " It has come on during this lonely life," I explained. - "The Man From the Clouds", J. Storer Clouston.
  • It's lonely, these empty rooms. - "This Freedom", A. S. M. Hutchinson.
  • Beattie, d'you think she feels very lonely? - "In the Wilderness", Robert Hichens.

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