Pronunciation of Maneuver
/mənˈuːvə/, /mənˈuːvə/, /m_ə_n_ˈuː_v_ə/

Synonyms for maneuver:

Sense 1

soft soap, soften up, manage, schmooze, shenanigan, sweeten up, sweet talk, war games, buy off, play up to, play off against, play on, keep in with.

Sense 2

flatter, bribe, move, contrive, urge, pay off, finagle, jockey, make up to, insinuate, gimmick, jig.

Sense 3

evolution, cultivate, sleight.

Sense 4

manipulate, blackmail, remove.

Sense 6

movement, take in, shift, buy.

Sense 7


Sense 11


Sense 13





soften up.





tactical manoeuvre

Tactical Manoeuvre.

Other synonyms and related words:

free rein, address, send, imposture, art, cheat, take aim, guide on, organize, bribe, transmit, dramatic play, negotiate, turn, level, place, blind, manipulate, jig, war games, frolic, manoeuvre, wangle, go, intrigue, charge, play, blackmail, pass, swordplay, draw, run, simulated military operation, organise, looseness, machinate, manoeuver, manage, orchestrate, lock, jockey, caper, contrive, head up, repoint, transport, finesse, calculate, steer, signal, measure, evasive action, shift, evolution, remove, wile, insinuate, invention, mastermind, conn, craft, transfer, conduct, operate, sharpen, sport, control, tactical maneuver, channelize, urge, fraud, gaming, channel, bid, helm, head, show, lead, shenanigan, drama, Tactical Manoeuvre, finagle, fun, sleight, engineer, flatter, point, move, action, betoken, shimmer, train, indicate, tactic, period of play, twist, romp, gambling, movement, take, function, playing period, gambol, bespeak, direct, swing, step, work, channelise, gimmick, operate on.

Sense 1 (noun)


Sense 2 (noun)

war games.

Sense 4 (noun)

evolution, move.

Sense 5 (noun)

measure, step.

Sense 6 (noun)

cultivate, make up to, bribe, buy, buy off, keep in with, flatter, gimmick, blackmail, take in, shenanigan, sleight, jig.

act (noun)

play, manoeuvre, simulated military operation.

action (noun)


cunning (noun)


dry run (noun)

war games.

endeavor (noun)

effort, gambit, engagement, action, purpose, performance, production, undertaking, essay, enterprise, adventure, project, commitment, job, proceeding, deed.

maneuver (noun)

evasive action, steer, simulated military operation, play, channelize, tactical maneuver, direct, channelise, tactic, operate, head, Tactical Manoeuvre, manoeuvre, point, guide.

military practice, operation (noun)

tactics, evolution, war games.

move, tactic (noun)

scheme, artifice, ruse, game, play, action, device, finesse, gimmick, jig, proceeding, plot, measure, machination, ploy, feint, stratagem, movement, procedure, intrigue, step, gambit, contrivance, dodge, trick, subterfuge.

stratagem (noun)

game, machination, artifice, contrivance, pitfall, stratagem, trick, plot, ploy, dodge, ruse, tactics, subterfuge, device, deception, feint, wrinkle, trap, trickery, Trojan Horse, trick of the trade.

venture (noun)

initiative, affair, feat, activity, task, procedure, pursuit.

competition (verb)

operate, manoeuvre, manoeuver.

direct physically (verb)

swing, negotiate, pilot, steer, guide.

endeavor (verb)

assay, proceed, perform, engage, aim, venture, approach, act, undertake, endeavor, commit, volunteer, contract, exploit, attempt.

navigate (verb)

guide, drift, float, cruise, sail, navigate, pilot.

plan, scheme (verb)

finagle, manipulate, jockey, cheat, wangle, navigate, proceed, work, manage, machinate, contrive, shift, engineer, move, operate, exploit.

venture (verb)

initiate, scheme, pursue, campaign.

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