Synonyms for manifestation:

Sense 1

externalization, personalization, objectification, prosopopeia, exteriorization, sign, hint.

Sense 2

indicator, personification, token.

Sense 3

signification, index, witness, type.

Sense 4

judgment, badge.

Sense 9


Sense 10


Other synonyms and related words:

externalization, monstrance, sign, demonstration, reflection, avatar, aspect, personalization, locution, grammatical construction, witness, construction, prosopopeia, formula, badge, note, thoughtfulness, incorporation, facial expression, look, rumination, omen, musing, personification, face, demo, token, mirror image, reflexion, presentment, signification, instantiation, reflectivity, materialisation, index, Embodier, signal, contemplation, type, exteriorization, Personifier, offspring, indicator, objectification, formulation, hint, mark.

Sense 2 (noun)

index, mark, signification, sign, note, indicator, witness, token, badge.

Sense 3 (noun)

externalization, personalization, personification, prosopopeia, exteriorization, type, objectification.

appearance (noun)


biblical revelation (noun)

Revealment, apotheosis, evidence, emergence, coming, epiphany, apparition, inspiration, vision, gospel, materialization, oracle, appearance, prophecy, issuance.

demonstration (noun)

show, expose.

discovery (noun)

discovery, determination, espial, apocalypse, disclosure, identification, exposure, deduction, unmasking, realization, breakthrough, unraveling, acquisition, solution, recognition, detection, revelation.

display (noun)


evidence (noun)

connotation, certification, information, illustration, fact, confirmation, attestation, indication, exemplification, validation, observation, counter-evidence, statement, authentication, support, specimen, quotation, establishment, exhibit, deposition, corroboration, documentation, testimony, declaration, substantiation, data.

exhibition, proof (noun)

display, exposure, revelation, expression, disclosure, symptom, materialization, show, indication, mark, appearance, sign, demonstration, token.

exteriorization (noun)


importance (noun)


manifestation (noun)

embodiment, reflexion, demonstration, unfolding, symptom, reflection, expression, presentation, showing, incarnation, display, proof, materialisation, exhibition, materialization, staging.

personification (noun)


visibility (noun)

visibility, plainness, distinctness, observability, discernibility, clearness, perceptibility, apparentness.

Usage examples for manifestation:

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