Antonyms for memory:

oblivion, forgetfulness, obliviousness.

Synonyms for memory:

Sense 1

image, long-term memory, Photographic Memory, short-term memory, nostalgia, recognition.

Sense 2

blur, flood.

Sense 3

recall, world.

Sense 4


Other synonyms and related words:

entrepot, computer storage, nostalgia, memory board, flood, retrospect, rote, recall, fund, storage, store, depot, mind, retentivity, remembering, shop, retentiveness, stock, holding, warehousing, repositing, retrospection, image, keeping, recognition, reposition, storehouse, world, retention, computer memory.

Sense 1 (noun)

mind, recall, Photographic Memory, long-term memory, flood, short-term memory, nostalgia.

ability to hold in the mind (noun)

recollection, retention, reminiscence, remembrance, recall, retentiveness, flashback, recognition, mind, retrospection, reflection.

account (noun)


electricity (noun)

electronics, polarity, electrostatic, microphone, spark, capacitor, resistance, backplane, ic, megahertz, charge, network, radio, resistor, amplifier, frequency, capacitance, direct current, electricity, induction, current, radar, insulator, impedance, speaker, tube, television, positive, negative, amperes, diode, shock, triode, tweeter, transistor, volt, processor, fm, voltage, anode, ac, motherboard, cathode, wattage, electrode, watt, computer, transmitter, magnetism, juice, circuit, conductor, discharge, alternating current, monitor, receiver, cycle, kilohertz, ohm, circuit card, connection, crt, video, electromagnetism.

memorization (noun)


memory (noun)

recollection, mind, retention, remembrance, reflection, storage, store, flashback, reminiscence, computer memory, memory board, computer storage, reliving, retentiveness, remembering.

specific thing remembered (noun)


learning (verb)


Usage examples for memory:

  • I went to sleep wondering whether Poopendyke's memory was any better than mine. - "A Fool and His Money", George Barr McCutcheon.
  • When the great memory comes you will see. - "Foes", Mary Johnston.
  • But for weeks and months she has not seemed to care for anything but her memory of Martha. - "The Measure of a Man", Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr.

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