Synonyms for miserable:

Sense 1

disheartening, dismayed, affecting, deflated, scantily, short-handed, heavy-hearted, Broken-hearted, insufficient, shattered, shabby, shattering, unquiet, cheesy, careworn, grief-stricken, poignant, discouraging, regrettable, crummy, unfulfilled, schlocky, dearth, grumpy, homesick, upsetting, soul-destroying, choked up, sepulchral, screwed up, devastated, regretful, harassed, lovelorn, melting, gut-wrenching, Grieved, afflicted.

Sense 2

oppressed, insufficiency, sentimental, derisory, overstretched, sulky, subdued, deprivation, claustrophobic, bittersweet, regretfully, cut-up, flattened, suicidal, inadequacy, shoddy, woefully, skimpy, trashy, underdog, deficit.

Sense 3

loser, injured, wretch, unsatisfied, sadly, distressed, downbeat, sleazy.

Sense 4


Sense 5


Sense 8


Sense 15

tight, off.

Sense 19



poor-spirited, abject.





Other synonyms and related words:

humble, coarse, meager, claustrophobic, gimcrack, rotten, hangdog, murky, vile, dismayed, discouraging, unhopeful, afflicted, scantily, grumpy, lowly, down-at-the-heels, elegiac, homesick, cranky, depleted, chill, loser, heavy-hearted, tumbledown, silly, shoddy, desolate, dreich, heartbreaking, dire, cheap, droopy, abominable, tatty, mean, wretch, saturnine, lovelorn, unworthy, lugubrious, low-spirited, harassed, humiliated, grungy, distressing, low-down, hapless, unsatisfied, woebegone, bittersweet, crestfallen, meagerly, distressed, Saddened, tenebrific, lonesome, flattened, meagre, suicidal, inadequate, shattering, gray, down, inferior, low, injured, despicable, devastated, overstretched, low-rent, upsetting, dark, touching, cimmerian, modest, underdog, heartsore, execrable, shattered, Broken-hearted, drear, sorrowful, misfortunate, melting, grief-stricken, downbeat, melancholic, disheartening, poor, terrible, mediocre, trumpery, low-toned, regretful, soul-destroying, detestable, oppressed, measly, moving, heartsick, trashy, condemnable, mangy, depressing, deplorable, crushed, heavyhearted, scummy, affecting, schlocky, broken, off, regrettable, negligible, careworn, common, unblessed, skimpy, bum, slimy, criminal, small, abject, damnable, inconsolable, scrubby, bad, sadly, vicious, moth-eaten, Grieved, ugly, crummy, sunless, scruffy, bombed-out, somber, timeworn, reprehensible, woefully, worthless, downcast, funky, seedy, deflated, scurvy, ridiculous, suffering, insufficient, godforsaken, lousy, comfortless, tenebrous, insufficiency, bargain-basement, doleful, heavy, shabby, funereal, brokenhearted, deprivation, humbled, low-grade, short, solemn, cheesy, sorry, second-rate, trifling, contemptible, poignant, black, regretfully, paltry, dearth, sleazy, short-handed, sulky.

adverse (adjective)

inauspicious, troublesome, catastrophic, difficult, unlucky, unfortunate, grievous, perilous, distressful, unpropitious, disastrous, calamitous, adverse, burdensome, unfriendly, unfavorable, antipathetic, hard, tragic, opposing, woeful, untoward, detrimental.

all (adjective)

wretched, suffering.

bad (adjective)


brokenhearted (adjective)

heartsore, heartsick.

dejected (adjective)

dolorous, gloomy, grim, dispirited, morose, cast down, disheartened, despondent, wistful, anguished, pensive, melancholy, contemplative, doleful, dreary, mournful, downhearted, plaintive, overcome, heartbroken, anxious, glum, depressed, lachrymose, woeful, sullen, disconsolate, blue, sad, moody, dejected, despairing, joyless, discouraged.

depressed (adjective)


desolate (adjective)

barren, abandoned, lonely, dreary, forgotten, forsaken, forlorn, desert, bare, deserted, bleak, stark, godforsaken, uninhabited, inhospitable, dismal.

destitute, shabby (adjective)

mean, low, worthless, bad, sorry, detestable, scurvy, godforsaken, contemptible, lamentable, poor, paltry, inferior, despicable, deplorable, vile, piteous, abject, meager.

discontent (adjective)

fed up, exasperated, anguished, despondent, teed off, cheerless, dissatisfied, irreconcilable, uneasy, irritated, discontent, wretched, restless, ungratified, cross, frustrated, sour, disquieted, discomposed, joyless, unhappy, bored, ticked off, displeased, malcontent, disgruntled, gloomy, anxious, dissident, uncomfortable, non-satisfied, disapproving.

godforsaken (adjective)


grief-stricken (adjective)


hapless (adjective)


hopeless (adjective)

depressed, dejected, despondent, anguished, morose, downhearted, dismal, spiritless, hopeless, desperate, despairing, melancholy, bleak, dispirited, cheerless, discouraged, glum, disheartened, forlorn, gloomy, pessimistic.

lousy (adjective)

crummy, shoddy.

low (adjective)

scurvy, low-down.

painful (adjective)

burdensome, excruciating, crushing, arduous, bothersome, aching, biting, inflaming, unbearable, harrowing, oppressive, distressful, aggravating, cutting, offensive, disagreeable, sore, anguishing, irritating, hurtful, bitter, Gnawing, cruel, odious, grueling, severe, acute, stinging, Besetting, piercing, withering, Cramping, smarting, painful, trying, tormenting, wrenching, chafing, annoying, uncomfortable, grievous, troublesome, agonizing, woeful, stabbing, insufferable, horrendous, throbbing, Irksome, unpleasant.

pitiful (adjective)

pitiable, piteous, forlorn, tear-jerking, pitiful, lamentable, pathetic, heart-rending.

sorry (adjective)


tenebrific (adjective)


unhappy, depressed (adjective)

dolorous, disconsolate, dejected, anguished, crestfallen, downcast, sad, afflicted, gloomy, heartbroken, suffering, despairing, melancholy, pathetic, mournful, down in the mouth, brokenhearted, down, forlorn, injured, tragic, desolate, hopeless, woebegone, pitiable, doleful, distressed, wretched, despondent, sorrowful.

woebegone (adjective)


Sense 1 (noun)

upsetting, distressed, afflicted, injured.

Sense 3 (noun)

subdued, homesick.

miserable (noun)

meagre, hapless, execrable, inferior, poor, meagerly, pitiable, pathetic, unhappy, suffering, misfortunate, pitiful, contemptible, paltry, piteous, uncomfortable, deplorable, low, unfortunate, wretched, abject, measly, woeful, low-down, meager, scummy, scurvy.

Usage examples for miserable:

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