Pronunciation of Mood
/mˈuːd/, /mˈuːd/, /m_ˈuː_d/

Synonyms for mood:

Sense 1

conniption, spite, bosom, asperity, backlash, vexation, bad blood, aggravation, venom, class, desperation, character, snit, ambiance, apoplexy, rancor, undercurrent, hissy fit, hysterics, aggression, ill feeling, acrimony, displeasure, frustration, grudge, annoyance, grievance, exasperation, slow burn, self-reproach, undertow, mood swing, resentment.

Sense 2

fire, bile, disgust, atmosphere, tide, violence, stir, funk, aura, impatience, tenor.

Sense 3

impulse, heat.

Sense 4

drive, spirit, heart, taste, vein.

Sense 5

affect, soul, level.

Sense 7






state of mind





temper, frame of mind.



Other synonyms and related words:

imagination, conception, irritability, liquid body substance, venom, tenor, supposition, climate, humor, rage, Birse, tide, fury, humour, toughness, smell, fancy, irritation, caprice, frame of mind, ire, halo, hysterics, snappishness, sensory system, exasperation, aura, air, furor, angriness, madness, manner, idea, ambiance, peevishness, indignation, surliness, undercurrent, mode, witticism, way, conniption, soul, vein, wit, tone, nimbus, impatience, annoyance, atmosphere, musical mode, predilection, outrage, resentment, spite, bile, temper, body fluid, asperity, bodily fluid, odor, sense modality, attitude, heat, choler, vagary, note, snit, disposition, state, wrath, lividity, style, spirit, karma, bosom, rancor, displeasure, spleen, Sense Of Humour, flavor, heart, whim, fashion, biliousness, vibration, ambience, character, pettishness, aroma, lividness, stir, impulse, affect, undertow, sense of humor, modality, irateness, clime, mind, patina, drive, temperament, pique, wittiness, modal value, wrathfulness.

Sense 1 (noun)

disposition, state, temperament, annoyance, vein, asperity, attitude, frame of mind, resentment, spirit.

Sense 2 (noun)

undercurrent, heart.

Sense 4 (noun)

air, tone, aura, atmosphere, smell, ambiance.

air (noun)

manner, ambiance.

caprice (noun)


character (noun)


feeling (noun)

feeling, agitation, ardor, sensation, affection, experience, passion, feverishness, sympathy, impression, response, thrill, tingle, emotion.

mood (noun)

climate, temper, modality, humour, mode, humor.

state of mind (noun)

emotion, frame of mind, vagary, aura, fancy, temperament, feeling, character, whim, atmosphere, humor, affection, mind, temper, soul, vein, response, air, disposition, caprice, attitude, spirit, tenor.

Usage examples for mood:

  • In your present mood, no. - "By Wit of Woman", Arthur W. Marchmont.
  • His mood changed in a second. - "Charles Rex", Ethel M. Dell.
  • She did not dare go downstairs again with Mac in the mood he was in. - "The Hand", Gerald Allan Sohl.

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