Antonyms for most:

fewest, least.

Synonyms for most:

Sense 1

largest, dreadfully, maximal, greater, larger, tops, preponderance.

Sense 2

extremely, greatly, exceedingly, eminently, predominance, bulk, notably, highly.

Sense 3

awfully, majority, exceptionally, generality.

Sense 4


Sense 5

very, mighty.

Sense 12


as much as possible

wide, the utmost, uttermost.



Other synonyms and related words:

notably, fiercely, maximal, highly, bulk, uttermost, exceedingly, to the highest degree, outside, generality, greater, heavily, enormously, extra, thumping, eminently, almost, exceptionally, supremely, close to, especially, colossally, specially, mighty, nearly, close, majority, wide, That, surpassingly, ever, all but, mortally, way, practically, virtually, majorly, near, predominance, about, incredibly, nigh, tops, particularly, mightily, utmost, intensely, roughly, next to, feckly, last, some, just about, greatly, hugely, intimately, blisteringly, vastly, larger, ultimate, well-nigh, very, approximately, dreadfully, or so, fairly, around, preponderance, balance, awfully, closely, max, Roaringly, really, nth, frightfully, extremely, sorely, archly, too, bone, largest.

best, greatest (adjective)

maximum, ultimate, highest, largest, better, max, uttermost, utmost, greater.

maximal (adjective)


superior (adjective)

eminent, predominant, ruling, senior, leading, A 1, controlling, furthermost, chief, master, maximum, paramount, signal, better, furthest, commanding, king, uppermost, Headmost, supreme, foremost, choice, crowning, ascendant, consummate, best, superior, dominant, elite, champion, sovereign, above, chosen, quintessential, zenith.

top (adjective)

best, foremost, top, loftiest, greatest, uppermost, superior, maximum, highest.

almost (adverb)

close to, well-nigh, all but.

extremely (adverb)

extremely, incredibly, exceedingly, enormously, supremely.

nearly (adverb)


all (adverb)

to the highest degree.

almost (adverb)

nigh, just about.

nearly (adverb)


nearly all; extremely (adverb)

exceedingly, almost, about, well-nigh, nigh, mightily, approximately, surpassingly, too, close, practically, all but, very, nearly, eminently.

Sense 2 (noun)

greater, next to, larger, largest.

Sense 3 (noun)


Sense 4 (noun)

majority, predominance, generality, balance, preponderance.

as much as possible (noun)


maximum (noun)

utmost, largest.

most (noun)

near, just about, almost, virtually, all but, well-nigh, about, nearly, to the highest degree, nigh.

Usage examples for most:

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