Pronunciation of Nags
/nˈaɡz/, /nˈaɡz/, /n_ˈa_ɡ_z/

Synonyms for nags:

aggravates (verb)

hassles, aggravates, bothers, inflames, envenoms, irritates, antagonizes, baits, grates, rankles, exasperates, teases, harries, troubles, arouses, upsets, chafes, discomposes, badgers, vexes, perturbs, peeves, pesters, frets, exacerbates, irks, infuriates, annoys, disturbs, Needles, bedevils, enrages, torments, harasses.

compels (verb)

browbeats, hijacks, pushes, galvanizes, Bullies, sparks, pressures, daunts, dictates, urges, propels, mandates, coerces, presses, compels, causes, stimulates, Drives, dragoons, foments, goads, bulldozes, impels, incites, intimidates, stresses, obliges, motivates.

cusses (verb)

scolds, curses, cusses, blasphemes, swears.

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