Synonyms for nails:

fasteners (noun)

seals, clasps, knots, couplings, Buttons, Glues, bindings, locks, fastenings, snaps, hasps, stays, links, brackets, bonds, zippers, splices, cotters, Vinculums, rabbets, cinctures, mediators, media, cinches, connectors, threads, latches, guys, pins, strings, bands, braces, bolts, brads, braids, anchors, agents, spikes, laces, straps, Ligaments, cleats, buckles, grapnels, tacks, hinges, skewers, closures, Sutures, binders, fuses, clinches, hawsers, hitches, welds, hooks, go-betweens, clamps, chains, cements, fasteners, ties, rivets, staples, stitches, belts, vises, catches, Clips, Middlemen, twines.

needles (noun)

barbs, Spears, fishhooks, gimlets, Needles, lances, spurs, awls, spines, quills, prongs, spits, thumbtacks, pikes, hat pins, harpoons.

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Usage examples for nails:

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