Synonyms for nightmare:

Sense 1

ordeal, misadventure, pressure-cooker, misfortune, mire, dilemma, double bind, wet dream, double whammy, quagmire, fate, imbroglio, whammy, impasse, information overload, no-win situation, perfect storm, bitter pill, deadlock, poetic justice, dream, plight, entanglement, slippery slope, suffering, travail, toils, the hot seat, stalemate, living hell, juggling act, victimhood, rat race, logjam, the school of hard knocks, mess, treadmill, overcrowding, purgatory.

Sense 2

imposition, fantasy, discomfort, dead-end, palaver, tragedy, bad hair day, the doldrums, tangle, whirlpool, gridlock, crisis, hardship, jungle, horror story, carnage, vision, cul de sac.

Sense 3

battle, spiral, black hole.

Sense 4

night, rub, jam, trial, curse, tension, scrape.

Sense 5

distress, trap, pit.

Sense 6

crunch, stress, spot.

Sense 7

knock, trouble, test.

Sense 8


Sense 9


Sense 12


Other synonyms and related words:

trial, purgatory, plight, misery, monstrous, horrendous, lurid, agony, distress, ghastly, corner, travail, trouble, terrible, torment, discomfort, vision, terrific, night, curse, spiral, nightmarish, stress, appalling, fantasy, knock, horrifying, horrible, gehenna, frightful, shocking, misfortune, tragedy, dream, logjam, entanglement, crisis, torture, test, palaver, awful, deadlock, battle, fix, dreadful, grisly, jungle, low, horrific, mess, quagmire, suffering, gridlock, macabre, crunch, overcrowding, gruesome, ordeal, fate, hardship, horrid, living hell, atrocious, impasse.

Sense 1 (noun)

fantasy, battle, trouble, crisis, stress, vision, quagmire, dream, tragedy.

Sense 2 (noun)

ordeal, torture, wet dream, trial.

bad dream or experience (noun)

fantasy, horror, Phantasm, vision, trial, illusion, torment, succubus, incubus, dream, ordeal.

evil spirit (noun)


ghost (noun)

hobgoblin, monster, succubus, bugaboo, frankenstein, illusion, phantom, horror, werewolf, apparition, vampire, ghost, terror, shadow, specter, chimera, ogre, Phantasm, spirit, bugbear, incubus, ghoul, bogey man, dracula, myth, daemon.

hell (noun)

living hell, purgatory.

state (noun)


Usage examples for nightmare:

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