Synonyms for notation:

Sense 2

memorandum, memo.

Other synonyms and related words:

line, notational system, annotating, promissory note, bill, memo, bank note, short letter, note, bank bill, memorandum, government note, greenback, distinction, note of hand, musical note, billet, preeminence, banknote, jotting, annotation, eminence, tone.

Sense 3 (noun)

memorandum, memo.

communication (noun)

notational system.

indication (noun)

cue, logotype, designation, indication, banner, tag, token, hint, flag, sign, figuration, label, prompt, crest, pointer, badge, alert, icon, logo, gesture, wave, wink, signpost, brand, semaphore, stamp, symbol, ticket, marker, emblem, legend, lighthouse, gesticulation, insignia, guidepost, denotation, motion, beacon, signal, key.

notation (noun)

annotation, note, notational system.

number (noun)

character, bit, cipher, integer, numeral, digit, number, figure.

writing (noun)

portrayal, correspondence, recording, authorship, ghostwriting, journalism, rewriting, calligraphy, composition, handwriting, typescript, formulation, transcription, writing, literature.

written remarks (noun)

jotting, memo, memorandum, note.

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