Pronunciation of Nugget
/nˈʌɡɪt/, /nˈʌɡɪt/, /n_ˈʌ_ɡ_ɪ_t/

Synonyms for nugget:

money (noun)

loot, bullion, wad, iou, wherewithal, purse, currency, draft, wealth, note, lucre, dough, bill, net worth, receipts, money order, worth, income, ingot, dollar, change, greenback, moolah, sterling, fortune, gross, stock, treasure, petty cash, bond, copper, balance sheet, issue, pocket money, scratch, assets, gold, check, cash, swag, proceeds, bankroll, profit, coupon, bank note, spending money, money, promissory note, capital, coinage, pounds, wampum, ways and means, funds, silver, wallet.

Sense 2

bean, lump.

Sense 3

hunch, clump, clod.

Usage examples for nugget:

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