Pronunciation of Nurse
/nˈɜːs/, /nˈɜːs/, /n_ˈɜː_s/

Antonyms for nurse:


Synonyms for nurse:

Sense 1

get through, get behind, servant, staff nurse, wallow, reach out to, convalescent, mammy, assist, abet, see through, tend, guide, lpn, lend, help, second wind, buoy, rn, give up to, revivify, help out, carry through, convalescence, ally, spoon-feed, contribute, recuperate, straighten out, heal up, nurse practitioner, bubble over, recuperative, convalesce, succor, heal, heal over, benefit, rally around, pull round, placebo effect, get past, aid, pass on, put out, bail out, render, give of, registered nurse, serve, prop up, pilot.

Sense 2

get off, possess, matron, rejuvenate, brim over, knit, survive, fall apart, work up, sweep away, pull through, unblock, caretaker, mend, companion, guardian, the all clear, revitalize, fight off, make for.

Sense 3

care for, healing, respond, clear up, muster, remission, grow, experience, tingle, eat up, refresh, walk away with, recovery.

Sense 4

further, revive, forward, throw off, overflow, recover, ease, prickle.

Sense 5

froth, feel, scar, stable.

Sense 6

cultivate, sister.

Sense 7

rally, tone.

Sense 8

strengthen, swell, find.

Sense 9


Sense 10

advance, over.

Sense 24

break, clear.




practical nurse.



care for













Wet nurse.

Other synonyms and related words:

declare, contain, cherish, sister, flirt with, indulge, think of, treasure, throw, confine, harbour, recover, contribute, arrest, have got, soak up, hold, experience, control, protect, lpn, ease, harbor, cheer, aid, mammy, mollycoddle, admit, nurse practitioner, make, nursemaid, take hold, maintain, coddle, caretaker, render, registered nurse, withstand, further, swell, view as, healing, overflow, matron, convalescence, break, carry, heal, assist, feel, keep back, check, she-goat, reserve, forward, prickle, survive, attendant, retain, concord, book, cosset, recovery, practical nurse, hold up, breastfeed, promote, hold in, take, dandle, guard, give, tend, muster, go for, possess, take for, hold back, respond, pamper, deem, strengthen, comfort, help, nanny, abet, sitter, spoon-feed, think about, revive, draw, guardian, convalescent, oblige, cling to, absorb, cultivate, imbibe, fellate, grow, encourage, recuperative, shelter, bind, curb, advance, breast-feed, restrain, defy, nanny-goat, accommodate, support, tingle, care for, value, succor, clear, tone, moderate, baby, rn, have, prevail, entertain, companion, obligate, agree, incubate, serve, shield, blow, obtain, apply, foster, concur, ally, rejuvenate, servant, find, bear, defend, adjudge, bring up, sop up, shake, toy with, keep.

Sense 1 (noun)

attendant, practical nurse.

Sense 2 (noun)

caretaker, servant.

Sense 3 (noun)

contribute, promote, assist, get past, help, mammy, advance, make for.

Sense 4 (noun)

care for, cultivate.

Sense 5 (noun)

possess, feel, walk away with, overflow, experience, tingle, give up to.

Sense 6 (noun)

recover, shake, fight off, revive, heal, strengthen, survive, pull through, respond.

Sense 8 (noun)

registered nurse, matron, staff nurse, nurse practitioner, lpn, rn, sister.

nurse (noun)

give suck, harbour, suckle, nursemaid, hold, nanny, breastfeed, entertain, harbor, Wet nurse.

person who tends to sick, cares for someone (noun)

nurse practitioner, sitter, caretaker, Wet nurse, practical nurse, rn, attendant, registered nurse.

registered nurse (noun)

nurse practitioner.

care for, tend (verb)

feed, forward, serve, harbor, aid, indulge, encourage, nourish, pamper, advance, cultivate, promote, further, foster, succor, support, cherish, nurture.

feed (verb)

nourish, sustain, fatten, suckle, feed, wine and dine, breast-feed, cater to, nurture.

give milk, usually from breast (verb)

suckle, breast-feed, give suck.

Usage examples for nurse:

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