Synonyms for obedience:

Sense 1

amenableness, give and take, opiate, tractability, integrity, compliancy, two-way street, tractableness, cooperation, legalism, discipline, amenability.

Sense 2

pliability, opium.

Sense 3


Sense 5


Other synonyms and related words:

keeping, respectfulness, observation, compliancy, bowing, esteem, biddability, abidance, tractableness, order, legalism, amenability, amenableness, tractability, opiate, regard, bow.

Sense 1 (noun)

integrity, give and take, legalism, cooperation.

Sense 2 (noun)

amenableness, compliancy, amenability, tractableness, tractability.

act (noun)

respect, obeisance.

agreement (noun)


compliance (noun)

affirmation, consent, genuflection, acceptance, servility, homage, submissiveness, observance, deference, resignation, willingness, fulfillment, conformity, fealty, compliance, meekness, assent, adherence, submission, respect, conformance, capitulation, agreement, obeisance, surrender, concurrence, acquiescence.

conformity (noun)

regularity, manner, propriety, consistency, congruity, formality, tradition, correctness, accordance, ritual, convention, etiquette, custom.

good behavior; submissiveness (noun)

agreement, duty, submission, docility, servility, deference, tractability, willingness, meekness, acquiescence, dutifulness, conformity, observance, compliance, respect, reverence, accordance, subservience.

humility (noun)

subservience, subjection.

obedience (noun)

devotion, loyalty, faithfulness, allegiance.

piety (noun)

piousness, cultism, reverence, holiness, fidelity, piety, worshipfulness, christianity, superstitiousness, sanctimoniousness, religiousness, devoutness, dogmatism, prayerfulness, sanctification, solemnity, dutifulness.

servility (noun)

duty, docility, servitude, subordination, humbleness, vassalage, slavishness, inferiority, serfdom, yieldingness, humility, subjection, Lowliness, complaisance, subservience.

subordination (noun)

constraint, slavery, thrall, service, supineness, bondage, subjugation, enslavement.

Usage examples for obedience:

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