Pronunciation of Obeyed
/ə͡ʊbˈe͡ɪd/, /ə‍ʊbˈe‍ɪd/, /əʊ_b_ˈeɪ_d/

Synonyms for Obeyed:

complied (verb)

surrendered, Ceded, fulfilled, respected, accepted, Caved, Yielded, Submitted, Succumbed, kowtowed, deferred, Conformed, bent, Adhered, Consented, agreed, Complied, Concurred, Assented, Capitulated, bowed, observed, Acquiesced, knuckled under, Genuflected.

obeyed (verb)


Usage examples for Obeyed:

  • Neale obeyed- more because he was under order than because he was hungry. - "The Chestermarke Instinct", J. S. Fletcher.
  • I obeyed the law. - "King--of the Khyber Rifles", Talbot Mundy.
  • The children looked back to see if the dog obeyed. - "A Little Florida Lady", Dorothy C. Paine.

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