Antonyms for objective:

prejudiced, biased, warm, passionate, partial, subjective, unreal, one-sided.

Synonyms for objective:

Sense 1

honest-to-goodness, sure, well-grounded, truly, true-life, fair, determinate, decidedly, definite, categorically, incontestable, easily, unarguable, ironclad, realistically, genuine, direction, drive at, fair-minded, undisputed, apparent, unquestioned, scientific, indisputable, definitive, foursquare, hard-edged, hands down, certified, irrefutable, physically, undoubted, well-founded, authoritative, definitely, confirmed, unanswerable, squarely, Grounded, unchallenged, role, believable, categorical, incontrovertible, well-informed, orientation, Cast iron, objectively, well-documented, unromantic, tenable, pragmatical, undeniable, gritty, tough-minded, cut-and-dried, rational, plausible, bona fide, certifiable, informed, de facto.

Sense 2

kosher, authentic, down-to-earth, unprejudiced, naturalistic, distance, three-dimensional, hard-and-fast, pragmatic, mental, substantive, prosaic, sensible, sight, reasonable, harsh, certain, phenomenal, accurate.

Sense 3

theater, practical, firm, matter of fact, strong, why, equitable, square, actual, hardheaded.

Sense 4

function, absolute, just, meaning, sober, come in.

Sense 6


Sense 9


Sense 10


Sense 11


Sense 14





neutral, independent.





Other synonyms and related words:

direction, accusatory, physically, design, heading, clinical, sure, purpose, certifiable, experiential, rational, candid, nonpartisan, oracular, true, three-dimensional, pragmatical, impersonal, quarry, point, sensible, phenomenal, target area, scientific, actual, bona fide, categorically, hardheaded, factual, unprejudiced, nonsubjective, genuine, down-to-earth, accusative, equitable, neutral, accusing, orientation, accurate, physical object, informed, equal, plan, role, harsh, verifiable, certain, objectively, well-founded, true-life, square, function, fair, authoritative, object, prosaic, determinate, bearing, experimental, view, cause, certified, sober, theater, end, empirical, meaning, unchallenged, substantive, distance, absolute, easily, cut-and-dried, Grounded, independent, incontestable, honest-to-goodness, why, reasonable, nonfictional, thing, idea, representational, object glass, mark, existential, tenable, undisputed, prey, literal, unromantic, evenhanded, matter of fact, dream, undoubted, butt, fair game, documentary, way, decidedly, fair-minded, tough-minded, practical, hands down, intent, pragmatic, ironclad, just.

artistic style (adjective)

modernist, nonrepresentational, Dadaist, neotraditional, symbolist, neoclassic, abstract, expressionist, idealist, romantic, surrealist, cubist, classical, impressionist, neoimpressionist, representationalist, constructivist, realistic, primitivistic, naturalist.

fair, impartial (adjective)

impersonal, disinterested, cool, just, evenhanded, nonpartisan, equitable, unemotional, detached, dispassionate, unprejudiced, unbiased.

material (adjective)

palpable, natural, substantial, corporeal, real, physical, tangible, solid, worldly, concrete, material.

nonpartisan (adjective)

nonpartisan, independent.

objective (adjective)

outside, external, disinterested, peripheral, outer, surface, impartial, non-subjective, exterior, extrinsic, detached, unbiased.

outward (adjective)

external, face, outer, exterior, outward, extrinsic, surface, outside.

square (adjective)


Sense 2 (noun)

apparent, accurate, fair, kosher, genuine.

Sense 3 (noun)

role, way, sensible.

Sense 4 (noun)


Sense 5 (noun)

just, equitable, nonpartisan, square, unprejudiced, fair-minded.

Sense 6 (noun)

tough-minded, pragmatical, practical, matter of fact, sober, unromantic, hardheaded, prosaic, down-to-earth, pragmatic.

Sense 7 (noun)

meaning, end, point, why, view.

aim, goal (noun)

object, intention, design, target, mission, purpose, aspiration, mark, ambition, end.

cognition (noun)

aim, target, object.

intention (noun)


objective (noun)

nonsubjective, clinical, accusative, object, neutral, object glass, impersonal, target, aim, concrete, verifiable, representational.

pursuit (noun)

lodestar, aspiration, search, vocation, pursuit, goal, profession, quest, ambition, intention, aim, destination, undertaking, target, mission, life work.

Usage examples for objective:

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