Pronunciation of Obscene
/ɒbsˈiːn/, /ɒbsˈiːn/, /ɒ_b_s_ˈiː_n/

Antonyms for obscene:

pure, clean, decent.

Synonyms for obscene:

Sense 1

foul-mouthed, choice, exasperating, the age of consent, unbearable, maddening, potent, impossible, Irksome, immodest, amatory, abusive, annoying, coital, pathetic, explicit, galling, pesky, wheedling, unrepeatable, risque, lamentable, irritating, vitriolic, bothersome, X-rated, vexing, blue, infuriating, ripe, scatologic, silly, sensual, invasive, amorous, damnable, obscenely, footling, colorful, pestilential, Fescennine, aggravating, frustrating, erogenous zone, lechery, vexatious, carnal.

Sense 2

fruity, suggestive, accursed, shameful, impotent, bawdy, orgasmic, improper.

Sense 3

preposterous, unreasonable, outrageous, ridiculous, unconscionable.

Sense 4

shocking, intimate, physical.

Sense 5

nasty, romantic.

Sense 11








Other synonyms and related words:

explicit, colorful, raunchy, rancid, obnoxious, ugly, wanton, lechery, outrageous, obscenely, amatory, sickening, detestable, carnal, foul-mouthed, sensual, impotent, fulsome, abusive, galling, horrid, noisome, unreasonable, awful, abominable, annoying, filthy, bawdy, libidinous, distasteful, risque, scatologic, noxious, horrendous, Fescennine, X-rated, intimate, lascivious, scurrilous, ridiculous, bothersome, unrepeatable, execrable, maddening, hot, lubricious, aggravating, pestilential, silly, shocking, invasive, salacious, vitriolic, amorous, nauseous, damnable, foulmouthed, fruity, shameful, immodest, vexatious, infuriating, nauseating, abhorrent, unconscionable, lewd, lustful, begrimed, ribald, repellent, suggestive, beastly, evil, loathsome, blue, repugnant, ripe, improper, Irksome, hideous, dreadful, nasty, horrible, prurient, appalling, pesky, preposterous.

bawdy (adjective)


blue (adjective)


earthy (adjective)


impure (adjective)

dirty, blemished, imperfect, impure, slovenly, unclean, sordid, immoral, defective.

indecent, offensive, immoral (adjective)

hideous, disgusting, blue, lascivious, lustful, ribald, gross, foul, nasty, impure, crude, immodest, suggestive, filthy, prurient, noisome, X-rated, smutty, salacious, rank, lewd, horrible, raunchy, scurrilous, repugnant, outrageous, coarse, sickening, scatological, profane, shocking, bawdy, unclean, loathsome, barnyard, dirty, evil, pornographic, raw, wanton, repellent, shameless, improper.

low (adjective)


obscene (adjective)

pornographic, filthy, indecent, vulgar, dirty, gross, naughty.

unclean (adjective)

grimy, unclean, foul, slovenly, unhygenic, scatological, dingy, smutty, grubby, mucky, crummy, untidy, shabby, fetid, infectious, putrid, unsanitary, impure, septic, filthy, odious, murky, disgusting, sloppy, insalubrious, festering, offensive, scruffy, muddy, dusty, squalid, sordid, dirty, defiled, icky, toxic, grungy.

vulgar (adjective)

common, earthy, brazen, undignified, revolting, barbaric, animal, philistine, boorish, gross, outlandish, cheap, salty, ignominious, homespun, brutish, offensive, degraded, broad, raw, tactless, unbecoming, rough, shameless, depraved, sordid, vulgar, low, idiomatic, chintzy, repulsive, graceless, ill-bred, sleazy, garish, cockney, scandalous, in bad taste, unpolished, crude, gaudy, colloquial, tasteless, glaring, unrefined, ignoble, profane, rank, barnyard, blue, clumsy, coarse, crass, inelegant, coarse-grained, base, tawdry, indelicate, rude, unseemly.

beastly (adverb)


Sense 1 (noun)

vitriolic, foul-mouthed, ripe, abusive.

Sense 3 (noun)

preposterous, unconscionable, shocking, outrageous, unreasonable, ridiculous.

lewd (noun)


obscene (noun)

dirty, abhorrent, lewd, offensive, repugnant, repulsive, salacious, indecent, detestable.

Usage examples for obscene:

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