Synonyms for pains:



Other synonyms and related words:

nisus, trouble, diligence, elbow grease, conscientiousness, carefulness, air, care, assiduity, mental strain, meticulosity, melody, industry, melodic line, labor, patience, heed, stock, effort, sedulousness, form, tenor, song, straining, heedfulness, perseverance, pain, stress, tune, nervous strain, melodic phrase, breed, persistence, exertion, scrupulousness, strain, variant, constancy, work, striving, line, sweat, meticulousness.

pains (noun)

Earaches, irritations, Inflammations, racks, stings, sores, nisus, hurts, Cramps, Migraines, throes, Agonies, bites, striving, discomforts, sufferings, cricks, Spasms, pangs, tortures, anguishes, throbs, Bruises, stabs, Aches, malaises, Wounds, burns, Miseries, distresses, strain, stitches, torments, Injuries, afflictions, gripes, Headaches.

pains (verb)

irritates, afflicts, suffers, wrenches, agonizes, smarts, chafes, inflames.

Usage examples for pains:

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